The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources continuously strives to see students experience both academic and professional success. In an effort to provide underrepresented students with successful skills for future achievement within the agricultural industry, the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources partners with the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences to host the Intercollegiate Summer Bridge Program for incoming students (starting classes at UT as a full-time student in the fall). The three-week Summer Bridge Program is a cooperative effort between the College of Engineering, the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources. The intensive program focuses on enabling participating underrepresented high school graduates to achieve a smooth transition to college life.
The Summer Bridge program emphasizes three areas: academic instruction, academic skills and life skills. The curriculum will consist of an introduction to college life and preparation for math and science. The program will also feature hands-on learning opportunities, tours, social, and recreational activities. The live-on experience takes place on the campus of the University of Tennessee (during the month of June) 


The intensive three-week residential program provides students with an academic preparation, with morning classes in Pre-Calculus and Chemistry

Summer Bridge Program Participants Summer Bridge Program Chemistry Class


Students participate in an afternoon college life/planning course devoted to essential topics including Leadership/Teambuilding, Communications, Interviewing Skills, Resume Development and Future Career Planning

Conducting an I*nterview Team Building Exercises



Students participate in weekly field trips throughout East Tennessee, exploring all three highlighted areas of the program (Engineering, Biological/Life Sciences and Agricultural Sciences/Natural Resources). Recent sites include Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Sweetwater Valley Dairy Farm and Denso Automatic/Engineering Factory.

Visiting a Potential Employer Visiting a Farm

The Application Process
Eligibility Requirements: In addition to being an underrepresented student, participating students must:
  1. Meet the terms of the student agreement (application) for the Intercollegiate Summer Bridge Program
  2. Be admitted to and attending UT majoring within a science, technology, engineering, or agriculture mathematics discipline
  3. Attend the designated UT new student orientation session (specific dates for Bridge students will be provided in the application)
  4. Complete and return all enclosed forms/essay as listed in the application procedure.
  5. Students and parents are responsible for transportation to/from the program site and new student orientation.
  6. *** Preference will be given to CASNR students with a math ACT score between a 20 and 27.
Room and Board: Free room and board is provided to all participants. Students are housed in residence halls and must follow these rules and regulations prescribed by the University of Tennessee and the Intercollegiate Bridge Program. Meals are provided daily through on-campus dining. The residential life experience is an integral part of the college experience. Living in a residence hall is an exciting opportunity that requires self-discipline, compatibility with other students from different backgrounds and a high degree of responsibility. The counselors and residence hall assistants are constantly available to assist students during this period of group living. They will offer support as needed so that each student will have a successful experience. An important part of this adjustment is an understanding by participants of the hall rules and standards of conduct that are designed to provide a high degree of civility, stability and security. An orderly, clean and comfortable living area supports and enhances the learning atmosphere and benefits everyone.
Inquiry: If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Craig Pickett, Jr. (CASNR Coordinator for Student Life an Diversity) at cpicket3@utk.edu or (865) 974 - 7491.
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