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MANRRS is a national society that welcomes membership of people of all racial and ethnic group participation in agricultural, natural resources and related sciences. MANRRS members are encouraged to be full participants in other professional societies for their basic disciplinary and career interests. However, MANRRS attempts to provide networks to support professional development of minorities. It is a springboard for their entry into and advancement in careers where they otherwise could be lost in the sheer number and established connections of mainstream participants. For student members, MANRRS provides role models and networking opportunities. MANRRS also offers students with opportunities to enhance leadership, organizational and public speaking skills, and to experience professional critique of scholarly work in a “user friendly” environment. MANRRS is open to ALL students with any major within agriculture or the general STEM field (both CASNR and non-CASNR students are welcome to join!).

Support MANRRS: We are grateful for donations of any size, as we continue to provide academic and professional support for underrepresented/minority CASNR students, as they pursue careers within agricultural, natural resources and related sciences. If you would like to donate to the UTK Chapter of MANRRS, please click HERE.

Fall 2017 - Spring 2017 Executive Board

Sally Ross, President – sross23@vols.utk.edu

Annalese Hodges, Vice President – ahodge13@vols.utk

Ben Cruz, Secretary – bencruz@vols.utk.edu

Justin Mack, Treasurer – jmack14@vols.utk.edu

Emerald Moorer, Publicity Chair -emoorer@vols.utk.edu

Mckenzie Simpson, Social Chair -dsimps16@vols.utk.edu

Simone Yates, Community Service Chair -syates8@vols.utk.edu

Dr. Sharon Jean-Philippe (Associate Professor, Urban Forestry), Advisor- jeanphil@utk.edu

Fall 2017 Meetings

9/13-6:00 p.m.- HSS 58

9/27-6:00 p.m. - HSS 58

10/11-6:00 p.m. - HSS 58

10/25-6:00 p.m. - HSS 58

11/08-6:00 p.m. - HSS58

11/22-6:00 p.m. - HSS 58​

As a national service organization, MANRRS leaves a lasting impact on the Knoxville community. Through the implementation of monthly community service projects, MANRRS works towards becoming a long-lasting contributor within our community. We facilitate a wide range of service projects, from volunteering at the Urban Center of Agriculture to cleaning/caring for animals at the Knoxville Puppy Zone. We strive to serve as a pillar for civic service throughout the city.  
Our goal is to see you succeed within your area of study. To accomplish this goal, we hold specialized programs and events to connect MANRRS members with employers throughout the country.  Each month, we will hold monthly professional development workshops for MANRRS members. Members have opportunities to ask questions, seek career advice and obtain helpful information about internship/employment applications. 
In addition to our monthly professional development sessions, members have opportunities to network with fellow MANRRS members and Ag-related employers via local and national conferences. Each fall semester, MANRRS members participate in our Fall Cluster, a regional conference with other MANRRS Chapters in our area (Region 3), which includes Tennessee State University, the University of Kentucky and Auburn University. Each spring semester, MANRRS members come together for the annual national conference. Members participate in three days of academic competitions, professional development workshops and a massive career fair (with over 75 employers and graduate programs from across the country), with many employers holding interviews at the conference for both internships and full-time jobs.