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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I calculate my grade point average?

The university provides a Grade Point Average Calculator. You can find it at the Office of the Registrar’s web site (path: Office of the Registrar>Grades and GPAs>GPA Calculators). There are three GPA calculators:

  1. GPA Calculator I: to calculate current semester GPA

  2. GPA Calculator II: to calculate what grades you need to raise your GPA

  3. Tennessee Lottery Scholarship GPA Calculator: to calculate what you need to earn to maintain the Tennessee Lottery Scholarship

How do I apply for scholarships from CASNR?

Scholarship applications for returning graduate and undergraduate students are due by the February 1 deadline each year. Students who have previously earned scholarships must reapply each year. The scholarship application is available from the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships web site (scroll down to the section Returning and Transfer Student.). Return the completed application to

CASNR Scholarship Application
Office of the Dean
126 Morgan Hall
Knoxville, TN  37996-4500

A complete application consists of the following:

  1. the actual scholarship application form,

  2. a complete resume,

  3. typed statement providing the following:

      — general information about yourself,

      — your background,

      — educational goals,

      — professional aspirations,

      — interests and 

      — the reasons you are applying for a scholarship (see page 2),

  4. complete Section IIIa for CASNR (see page 3)


Does CASNR support student travel?

The college provides limited financial support for student travel. Students presenting papers at regional, national or international conferences and students on competition teams are generally given priority. All applications for support must be submitted with the department head and advisor (major professor, academic advisor, research mentor, or club advisor) and require a budget with itemization of anticipated expenses, department and major professor support, any club support, and expenses handled by the student. Students are expected to cover a portion of the travel expenses.
Graduate students should apply for the Graduate Student Travel Award provided by the Graduate Student Senate.


How do I find out who my advisor is?

If you are not sure who your academic advisor is, contact the undergraduate coordinator or student records secretary in the department that manages the major (see Areas of Study and Contact Information).


How will a course from another institution transfer to UT?

If you plan on taking a course at some institution other than those listed, you can complete the Course Equivalency Form to find out whether UT will accept the credit and how it will be transferred and applied to your academic history.

Always check with your advisor to discuss how specific courses will meet degree requirements.


Can I take a course without being on campus?

Students may enroll in courses at a community college and transfer the credits back to UT. The grades will not be included in the UT GPA; the credit hours transfer provided you earn a grade of C or better (2.00).
You can also take courses through the UT Department of Distance Education and Independent Study. This unit handles the distance education courses for UTK and independent study (what once was called correspondence courses) courses. With independent study courses, you receive course materials and work on your own to complete the readings, assignments and testing within 9 months of starting the work. These are not the same as on-campus independent study when you are working one-on-one with a faculty member on intensive study in a narrowly defined area.

From the Independent Study web site: “Students admitted to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, or the University of Tennessee at Martin campuses may take up to one-fourth of their total undergraduate credit work by correspondence. Credit for undergraduate courses by correspondence in the major subjects shall be limited to one-fourth of the total credit hours required.”
Prior to enrolling for any college-credit course, CASNR students, who are pursuing an undergraduate degree, must obtain the written approval from the Office of the Dean, 126 Morgan Hall. Please see the Independent Study Authorization Form (PDF).

In any case (transfer, distance education, or independent study), always check with your advisor to make sure the course will meet degree requirements.