Adding Closed Sections

The student records secretaries (herein referred to as the departmental rep) and undergraduate coordinators have authorization and access to Banner for adding students to closed departmental courses. They are allowed to add students during the open registration period through the first 10 days of a term – that's until the deadline listed in the timetable as "Last day to final register, add, change from/to audit or S/NC grading or drop without a 'W' – Full Session courses."

How This Works in CASNR:

If a student wants to add a closed course prior to the add deadline, the student properly completes a "Change of Registration" form and obtains the instructor’s and the department head’s signatures.
  • The student then takes the Change of Registration form to the CASNR department whose course s/he wants to add. The departmental rep will add the student to the course.

  • The departmental rep dates the form and gives the pink copy to the student. The white copy goes to the course instructor so s/he knows the student was added.
If the student is adding a non‐CASNR closed course or is adding after the add deadline, the form should be taken to the Office of the Registrar, 209 Student Services Building.

Other Tasks the Departmental Rep is Allowed to Do Besides adding students into closed sections, departmental reps can also do the following:

  1. Clear only the advising hold for students. Those on Academic Probation must see the Retention Coordinator to have the College Advising Hold cleared.

  2. Change a student from one section to another section of the same course;

  3. Change a graded section to an audited section;

  4. Change an audited section to a graded section, and

  5. Change the flag in Banner to allow a student to enroll in a course without meeting the prerequisites or co‐requisites, if an instructor or a department head grants permission. Permission may be granted for one semester or indefinitely for the course(s).

Again, the student must present a properly completed add/drop form. If the form is not completed, the departmental rep should not complete the transaction.


What the Departmental Reps Can Not Do:

Departmental reps are not authorized to add students in the following conditions:
  1. To closed sections after the 10th day of the semester (after the "Last day to final register, add, change from/to audit or S/NC grading or drop without a 'W'" deadline);

  2. To another department's course(s);

  3. If there are any holds on the student's file (fines, administrative, etc.); and

  4. If there is a time conflict in the schedule. 
For these, or if the student is adding closed sections from several different departments, the student should go to 209 Student Services. They still work with students on time conflicts and multiple department additions. If there is a hold, other than advising, the student must take care of the situation prior to registering or adding any courses.
Other policies and information concerning adds, drops, and withdrawals can be found on the UT Academic Policies and Procedures/ENROLLMENT webpage. 

"Never Attended" Course Withdrawal Appeal

Students may file only one "Never Attended" Course Withdrawal Appeal during their academic career. The appeal must be filed with the Office of the Dean no later than the last day of classes of the semester following the award of the grade of “F” is awarded. For example, for a course in the Fall semester, the appeal must be filed before the end of classes of the Spring semester; for Spring semester, it would be the last day of classes for the following Fall semester. If the appeal is delayed beyond one semester, the student must appeal through the Student Success Center.
This process is not for those students who actually took a course and earned an "F." Nor is it for students trying to clean up their academic record – they actually attended, failed, now want to go to graduate school, and want to remove the course from their record.
The student is responsible for dropping courses s/he does not plan to attend or for which s/he has been told to drop. The First Class Meeting policy in the Undergraduate Catalog states:
“Students who fail to attend the first class or (laboratory) meeting without prior arrangements with the department concerned may lose their space in class to other  students. Students should not assume that they will be officially dropped from the class; it is always the responsibility of the student to drop courses not attended. Otherwise, the student is liable for a grade of "F" in the course and for payment of appropriate fees.”
Note that the policy states the student may lose their space; it does not say will lose their space. Additionally, the policy further states "Failure to attend a course is not an official withdrawal and will result in the assignment of an F grade."
Not all faculty members actually take attendance on the first day the course meets, let alone take the time to drop students from a course just because they were not in attendance the first day.
Unfortunately, many students assume instructors will automatically drop the students from courses they do not attend; another campus myth.
The "Never Attended" Course Withdrawal Appeal Form requires:XXX
  • a statement of explanation from the student detailing why the student did not met the withdrawal deadlines for the semester

  • a statement sent directly from the instructor’s UTK email account to providing any confirmation of not attending the course

  • the advisor’s signature.

It is important for the student to discuss the situation with the advisor and s/he agrees that the circumstances merit a "Never Attended" Course Withdrawal Appeal.  No application will be processed if the application is not complete. If the application is incomplete, OD personnel will notify the student, via their university email account, that no action will be taken until the appeal form is properly completed.

The appeal will be denied under the following circumstances:

  1. A student, who attended a course even once, is obviously aware of their enrollment in that course.

  2. The instructor cannot confirm that the student never attended.

  3. The appeal is not complete.

  4. The appeal is filed after the deadline – the last day of classes of the following semester (excluding summer).

If the advising center approves the appeal and recommends that the “F” be changed, a “W” must be given and shown on the transcript unless the registration error that occurred is the fault of University personnel.

NOTE:  A "W" is assigned in a course when a student withdraws from a course between the 11th and 63rd calendar day of classes. It does not carry any implications as to the student's academic performance in the course.

If the appeal is approved, the grade change is accomplished via a notification from the Office of the Dean to the Registrar providing the necessary details.

How it Works in CASNR:

The student visits his/her advisor and explains what occurred. If the advisor agrees that the student actually never attended the course, then the student completes the top of the “Never Attended” Course Withdrawal Appeal Form and provides a written statement explaining the reasons for the request.

NOTE:  The most frequent delay in processing appeals is the omission of this statement or a poorly written statement necessitating the Office of the Dean notifying the student that the appeal will not be processed until the statement is prepared and submitted.

Steps to be followed:

  1. The student takes the appeal to the instructor of the course to complete the instructor section of the appeal.

  2. The student then returns to the advisor for the advisor's signature (this is to allow the advisor the opportunity to make sure the student knows they only get one "Never Attended" Course Withdrawal Appeal, and it lets the Director of Advising know that the advisor is aware of the situation).

  3. The student then leaves the appeal in 126 Morgan Hall for review. The Director of Advising will review the information provided and make a decision.

  4. If the appeal is approved, the OD will forward the affirmative recommendation to the Office of the Registrar. If the appeal is denied, the OD will forward the denial to the advisor and notify the student via email.


The “Never Attended” Course Withdrawal Appeal Form can be found here..