CASNR undergraduate students are allowed to take a maximum of 19 credit hours fall or spring semester. Course overloads should not be common. Overloads are approved for the exceptional student. No course overload in excess of 22 credit hours will be approved; 22 hours is one additional course beyond the maximum normal load. Overloads  will be reviewed and input by the Dean's Office.   Steps for a course overload request are as follows:
  1. Student fills out the course overload form and obtains the academic advisor’s approval.

  2. Student brings the initialed form to the Office of the Dean, 126 Morgan Hall (for graduate students, they must go to the Graduate School, 111 Student Services Building).

Course overloads are reviewed by the Director of Advising and if approved are input into the system by Dean's Office staff.

If the add deadline (the tenth day of the term) has not passed, the student can then go on‐line and add the course. If it is after the add deadline, the student must go to 209 Student Services to have the course added to the schedule.

Internships and Overloads

Students should not be requesting course overloads for internships completed during the previous summer. Students should enroll for their internship credits while actually working on their internship. If they are required to complete aspects of their internship upon return to campus, they should be enrolled in a minimum of one credit hour during the summer of their internship since they are engaged in a university function. Upon return to campus, they may enroll in the remaining hours of their internship to complete the obligations of the internship. In no case should this place the student above 22 credit hours for the semester.