Beacuse the nature of advising and student services in CASNR is a decentralized model, each academic department acts as a student services office for students declared within the respective academic major.  Amid many other tasks the student record specialists perform, they can help with:

  • Declaring/changing your major into BANNER so it's reflected correctly in the system

  • Inputting/Correcting advisor assignments into the BANNER system

If you find that in myutk, your advisor assignment is not correct or that you aren't assigned an advisor within the department your major is declared, or you need to declare or change your major, the student record specialist can address and help with those issues.


Below is a table of the appropriate departmental contacts for declaring and/or changing majors or addressing advisor assignment issues.

Department​ ​Name ​Email ​Phone #
Animal Science​ ​Denice Milligan ​(865) 974-7297
​Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication ​Rebekah Ownby ​(865)-974-7371
Agricultural and Resource Economics​ ​Pat Hickman (865) 974-7479​
​Food Science and Technology ​Rebecca Cash (​865)-974-7331
​Biosystems Engineering and Environ. Soil Science ​Lesia Rucker (865)-974-7266
​Plant Science ​Sandra Kitts ​(865)-974-7968
​Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries ​Martha Thompson ​(865)-974-7987