Below are departmental advising contacts for each undergraduate major and concentration in CASNR.

*-Denotes that the faculty member is the undergraduate coordinator (in addition to being an advisor) for the respective department 



​Major ​Advisor ​Email
Animal Science​ ​Animal Science ​Dr. Cheryl Kojima*
Animal Science​ ​Dr. Hank Kattesh  ​
​Animal Science ​Dr. Michael Smith

Animal Science​ ​Dr. Gina Pighetti

​Animal Science ​Dr. Neal Schrick
Animal Science​ ​David Roper
​Animal Science Jessie Harris-Shanks​​
​Animal Science ​Grey Parks
​Animal Science Dr. ​Maria Prado



​Department ​Major Ad​visor​ ​Email
​Agricultural and Resource Economics ​Food and Ag Business ​Dr. Bill Park*
​Food and Ag Business ​Dr. Kimberly Jensen
Natural Resource and Environmental Econ​ ​Dr. Christopher Clark



​Department ​Major ​Advisor ​Email
​Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication (ALEC) ​ALEC ​Dr. Christopher Stripling
​ALEC ​Dr. Carrie Stephens



​Department ​Major ​Advisor ​Email
Biosystems En​gineering (BsE) and Environmental Soil Science (ESS)​ ​BsE ​Dr. Daniel Yoder*
​BsE ​Dr. Robert Freeland
​BsE ​Dr. John Tyner
​BsE ​Dr. Doug Hayes
​BsE ​Dr. Paul Ayers
​BsE ​Dr. William Hart
​BsE ​Dr. Alvin Womac
​BsE ​Dr. Eric Drumm
​ESS ​Dr. Joanne Logan*
​ESS-Soil Science ​Dr. Neal Eash
​ESS-Construction Science ​Charles Parker
​ESS ​Sean Schaeffer



​Department ​Major ​Advisor ​Email
​Food Science and Technology (FST) ​FST ​Dr. Jennifer Richards*
​FST ​Dr. David Golden
​FST ​Dr. Francine Hollis
​FST ​Mrs. Karen Jones
​FST ​Dr. Irene Hanning 



​Department ​Major ​Advisor ​Email
Forestry, Wildlife and Fisheries ​ ​Forestry ​Dr. Jennifer Franklin*
​Forestry ​Dr. David Buckley
​Forestry Dr. ​Sharon Jean-Phillipe
​Forestry ​Dr. Don Hodges*
​Forestry ​Dr. Scott Schlarbaum
​WFS Dr. Matt Gray​​
WFS​ ​Dr. Mark Fly
​WFS ​Dr. Emma Willcox
​WFS ​Dr. Richard Strange
​WFS ​Dr. Lisa Muller
​WFS Dr. Grahm Hickling​



​Department ​Major/Concentration ​Advisor ​Email
Plant Sciences​ ​PLSC-Bioenergy ​Dr. Hem Bhandari
PLSC-Biotechnology​ Dr. Hem Bhandari​
PLSC-​Landscape Design ​Dr. Gary Menendez
​PLSC-Landscape Design ​Dr. Curtis Stewart
​PLSC-Public Horticulture ​Mr. Andy Pulte*
PLSC-Hort Science and Production​ ​Mr. Andy Pulte*
PLSC-Organic Production​ ​Dr. David Butler
​PLSC-Turfgrass Science and Management ​Dr. John Sorochan
PLSC-Turfgrass Science and Management​ ​Dr. Brandon Horvath