CASNR welcomes all future and currently admitted transfer students!  When transferring from another university or institution (or prospectively planning to), being proactiveis an essential part of your success.   Some things to do when transferring or if you have already transferred:

  • Do not assume that anything is the same as your previous institution(s).

  • Have a final transcript from your previous institution sent to UTK Office of the Registrar.  Be sure that includes your degree date (if any) as well as final grades.

  • Review your Academic History via myutk to ensure all credits have transferred.

  • Review your DARS report to see which courses might need to be petitioned-- you should also bring that DARS with you to your advising meeting with your advisor and discuss/confirm the appropriateness of any potential substitutions.

The University of Tennessee has many resources for transfer students, but one of the most valuable is the transfer students page.  Please review and explore this very important page if you are planning to transfer to UTK or have already done so!