CASNR Undergraduate Majors, Concentrations, and Minors
Department​ ​Majors ​Concentrations Degree Type​ ​Minor Available
Agriculture and Natural Resources (Interdepartmental) ----------​​ ​---------- -------- International Agriculture and Natural Resource Minor​
​---------- ----------​​ -------- Watershed Minor​
Depa​rtment​​ Ma​jors​​​ Concentrations​​ Degree Type​​ Minor Available
Agricultural and Resource Economics​ ​Natural Resource and Environmental Economics ---------- BS ​Natural Resource and Environmental Econ Minor
​Food and Agricultural Business ​ General Option (No Concentration)​ ​BS ​Food and Agricultural Business Minor
Agricultural Equipment Systems Management ​BS



Department​​ Majors​​ ​Concentrations ​Degree Type ​Minors Available
​Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications ​Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communication​s ​Agricultural Communications ​BS
Agricultural Education BS
​Agricultural Extension Education ​BS
Agricultural Leadership ​BS Agricultural Leadership Minor​
​Agr​icultural Science​ ​BS



Department​​ ​Majors Concentrations​ ​Degree Type ​Minors Available
Animal Science ​Animal Science ​Animal Industries ​BS Animal Science Minor
​BioScience ​BS
​Pre-Veterinary Medicine ​BS
​Pre-Veterinary Medicine 3+1 ​BS



​Department ​Majors ​Concentrations ​Degree Type ​Minors Available
Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science​ Biosystems Engineering​ ​General Option (no concentration) BS​​ BsE Technology Minor
Pre-Pro​fessional​ ​BS
​Environmental and Soil Science​ Agricultural Systems Technology​ ​BS ​Environmental and Soil Science Minor
Conservation Agriculture and Environmental Sustainability​ ​BS
​Construction Science ​BS
​Environmental Science ​BS
​Land Surveying ​BS
​Off-Road Vehicle Technology ​BS
​Soil Science ​BS


​Department ​Majors ​Concentration ​Degree Type ​Minors Available
Entomology and Plant Pathology ​---------- ​---------- ​---------- ​Entomology and Plant Pathology Minor


​Department ​Majors ​Concentrations ​Degree Type ​Minors Avaialble
Food Science and Technology ​Food Science and Technology Pre​-Pharmacy​ ​BS ​Food Science Minor
​Pre-Pharmacy 3+1 ​BS
​Pre-Professional ​BS
​Pre-Professional 3+1 BS​
​Science ​BS
​Technology ​BS


​Department ​Majors ​Concentrations ​Degree Type ​Minors Available
Foresry, Wildlife, and Fisheries ​Forestry ​Forest Resource Management ​BS ​Forestry Minor
​Urban Forestry ​BS
​Wildland Recreation ​BS
​Wildlife and Fisheries Science ​Wildlife and Fisheries Management ​BS Wildlife and Fisheries Minor​
​Wildlife Health ​BS


​Department ​Majors ​Concentrations ​Degree Type ​Minors Available
Plant Sciences ​Plant Sciences Bioenergy​ ​BS ​Plant Sciences Minor
​Biotechnology ​BS
​Horticulture Science and Production ​BS
​Landscape Design ​BS
​Organic Production ​BS
​Public Horticulture ​BS
​Turfgrass Science and Management ​BS