Selected Stories from Undergraduate Recipients of the 2016 UTIA Study Abroad Grant Program 

Ashley Campeaux: Mini-term course in Jamaica 

"The ability to see and experience real world agricultural practices in a culture that is simultaneously similar and vastly different than my own has greatly enhanced my knowledge base, appreciation for agriculture and sustainability, and worldview of different cultures and practices." -Campeaux

Jack Hartfelder: Mini-term course and summer internship in Belize

"This study abroad trip was a crucible that melted me down and turned me into a far greater student, professional, and human being." -Hartfelder 


Kristen Walker: Summer study abroad program in New Zealand

"I met so many amazing people and had an experience I will not ever forget. Traveling to a completely new place by myself really taught me a lot about myself and gave me independence I didn’t know I had." -Walker 

CASNR Student Travel Blogs

Shelby Cotham is a wildlife major who attended a summer mini-term study abroad course on wildlife techniques in Belize.


Alysse Ness is a sophomore in Biosystems Engineering. She studied Environmental Science and Engineering in Leuven Belgium.
"​Leuven, Belgium is a really beautiful, old city. This building is their city hall" -- Alysse Ness



Gabe Wilson is a Food Science major who spent a semester abroad in New Zealand.gwilsonNZ.jpg

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Jessica Baxter learned much about Jamaican agriculture in her study abroad program.JessicaBaxterJamaica.jpg

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Sam Tabor is a Biosystems Engineering student who took a Water Resources & Climate Change course in the European Alps for three weeks in May/June 2013.
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Sam Tabor in the European Alps
​  Sam and friends spell out "Vols" while in the Alps