The Charge to the Construction Science Advocacy Executive Board


The Construction Science Advocacy Executive Board members have been appointed based on their interest in and support of the University of Tennessee’s Construction Science Program, and their potential to provide constructive guidance to the program.  While the role of the Board may evolve over time, the current vision for the Board will include the following:

  • Advocate for the UT Construction Science Program within organizations, academic settings, and with colleagues
  • Identify sources of future high quality construction science students
  • Provide curriculum advice to maintain industry specific course content and programmatic direction which prepare students for careers in construction, and lead us toward ACCE accreditation
  • Maintain awareness of various trends in the Construction Science Program (enrollment, student demographics, class sizes, placement, budget, etc.) and review and recommend modifications when  necessary
  • Identify potential sources of financial support for both our immediate needs and future growth of the Construction Science Program
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