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Construction Science LogoThe UTK Construction Science Program is a concentration within the Environmental and Soil Science Degree Program.   This course of study is designed to prepare you for entry into the very broad and diverse range of management careers related to the modern construction industry.  Students in a program of this type typically enjoy the outdoors, utilizing multiple technologies, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment of seeing a project grow from an idea to a finished product.   A successful construction science graduate from this program exhibits skills in leadership, teamwork, communication, technical abilities, and professional/environmental responsibility.  
The UTK Construction Science Program brings together components of engineering, architecture, and business to produce Project Managers, Estimators, Superintendents, and Construction Entrepreneurs.  The program will provide you a strong background in math and science along with relevant construction technologies and techniques.  On the job training is provided through internships and/or cooperative work experiences where students have the opportunity to apply classroom skills to actual construction operations.  The business and management related coursework leads to a Minor in Business Administration.    
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