Advanced Got Farm Records...Now What? - August-September 2020

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Session 1: Advanced Got Farm Records… Now What? 

Session 2:  Advanced Got Farm Records… Now What?

Session 3: Advanced Got Farm Records… Now What?

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Surviving Excel (CPA Info #388)

Tenn Sales

Tomato Planner

Excel Class Tenn

Got Farm Records…Now What? Worksho​p Materials – September 2019 – February 2020




Begin With the End in Mind-Pepper

Develop a system that will enable you to compare enterprises over time.

Jammy Jam Case Study

Example farm used for workshop.

Exporting Files From Quicken to Excel-Morris

Description of process of exporting files from Quicken to Excel and making them useable for analysis.

The Basics of Excel-Morris

Introduction to Excel.

Example Enterprise Spreadsheet

Enterprise spreadsheet for example farm.

Adapting a Budget to Fit Your Farm

Tailoring an Extension budget to fit your operation.

CPA Info 342-Resources for Beginning Farmers in Tennessee

List and description of educational and funding resources.

Value-Added Tools-Dugger

Tools for value-added enterprise analysis.

Utilizing Farm Records for Analysis-Humpal

Using FINPACK to analyze farm records.

CPA Info 344-Instructions to Create a Sample Column Chart

How to create a sample column chart to track and analyze sales.

Considerations for Marketing Value-Added Products-Leffew

Keep records that help you analysze whether you are meeting your marketing goals and whether your marketing strategies are working as anticipated.

Got Records Marketing Spreadsheet

Example spreadsheet to track and analyze sales.

PB 1699 Marketing for the Value-Added Agricultural Enterprise

Concepts, principles and practices for planning, developing and evaluating new market opportunities.

PB 1802 A Farmers Guide to a Pick Your Own Operation

Considerations for a Pick Your Own operation.


PB 1803 A General Guide to Pricing for Direct Farm Marketers and Value-Added Agricultural Entrepreneurs​

General pricing fundamentals when developing prices for products.


Considerations for Growing and Marketing Grapes in Tennessee Workshops - January/February 2020​​​

Developing Value-Added Agriculture Enterprises Workshop Materials - January 2020 



CPA 342 Resources for Beginning Farmers in Tennessee

Listing of educational and funding resources for Tennessee farmers

Farmers Guide to Applying for VAPG

General information about the VAPG program

Writing A Successful Grant-Hughes

Overview of the grant application process and how to complete the required forms to apply for the VAPG

Identifying Grant Opportunities-Pepper

Discussion of various grants available to value- added producers

Intro to Value Added Ag-Pepper

Challenges and opportunities associated with value-added enterprises

Lessons Learned by Past VAPG Recipient Alex Miller

Lessons learned from the VAPG application process and post-award experience

Rural Development Fact Sheet-VAPG

Fact sheet about the VAPG program

TDA Grant Opportunities-Hensley

TDA grant opportunities for value-added producers

The Business Model Canvas

One-page template for developing a business plan

U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program USDA Fact Sheet

One-page fact sheet about becoming a hemp producer

VAPG FY20 Presentation-Holland

USDA presentation on the basics of the Value-Added Producer Grant program

VAPG Business Model Canvas deck 2020

Presentation on completing the Business Model Canvas for value-added agricultural businesses

VAPG Application Toolkit-Planning 2013

USDA application toolkit for the VAPG

Direct Farm Marketing for Success VII: Using Advertising to Your Farm's Advantage Workshops - March 2014 

An educational program developed to assist Tennessee specialty crop growers directly market their products to consumers more efficiently and effectively.

Funding for these workshops was provided in part by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture through a Specialty Crop Block Grant.


Tennessee Agritourism Conference - January 30 to February 1, 2014