Managing Risks of Small Scale Poultry Processing Project
The Managing Risks of Small Scale Poultry Processing Project consists of an all-day workshop held in three locations across Tennessee in January 2015 and an educational fact sheet completed in December 2015. The powerpoint presentations from the workshop are provided below and provide poultry growers with information about food safety and processing exemptions and requirements by USDA and Tennessee Department of Agriculture. Presentations also provide basic information about dealing with wastewater, humane handling, marketing and label requirements and using the Tennessee Agricultural Enhancement Program (TAEP) to apply for cost share assistance for certain expenditures. The educational fact sheet Managing Risk: Costs, Regulations and Food Safety for On-Farm Poultry Processing in Tennessee provides a summary of materials presented at the workshop.
The powerpoint presentations are as follows:
Humane Handling During Catch and Transport—Maggie R. Smith, Process Management Consulting
Food Safety for Small Poultry Producers—Dr. Irene Hanning, UT Food Science and Technology
Marketing and Label Requirements—Hal Pepper, CPA and Mike Brown, Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Expanding Your Value Added Business With TAEP—Wendy Sneed, Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Getting Started—Handling and Processing of Wastewater—Wade Murphy, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation

The Center for Profitable Agriculture was awarded a Southern Risk Management Education Center grant to provide educational  opportunities to help participants gain an improved understanding in how they can comply with regulations in poultry processing and decrease their risk and liability in the marketplace.

Special thanks is extended to the Southern Risk Management Education Center and the United States Department of Agriculture for providing this grant funding.


Project Team and Collaborators
Hal Pepper, Financial Analysis Specialist, CPA
Irene Hanning, Assistant Professor, UT Department of Food Science and Technology
Matt Ernst, Independent Writer
Megan Bruch Leffew, Marketing Specialist, CPA
Walter Bates, Owner of Walter Bates Farm
Sam Kennedy, Owner of Glendale Farm
James Yoder, Owner of Yoder Brothers Processing
Karen Overton, Owner of Wedge Oak Farms
Brad and Tracy Smith, Owners of Three Forks Cattle Company
Kathleen McAnally, Frontline Supervisor, USDA-FSIS
Marshall Williams, Investigator, USDA-FSIS
Mike Brown, Outreach Coordinator, Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Shanna Lively, Food and Dairy Administrator, Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Faith Critzer, Food Safety Specialist, UT Extension
Dwight Loveday, Meat Specialist, UT Extension
Wade Murphy, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Water Resources
Brad Harris, Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Water Resources
Wendy Sneed, Livestock and Equine Marketing, Tennessee Department of Agriculture
Maggie Smith, Vice President, Process Management Consulting
Kevin Hensley, Regional Field Service Director, Tennessee Farm Bureau
Janie Becker, Rutherford County Extension Agent, UT Extension