County Profiles

FCS Strengthening Families County Profiles

Family and Consumer Sciences County Profiles

The Family and Consumer Sciences professionals in each county have broad expertise to strengthen individual and community skills that effect the home, family, health, nutrition and money. The challenge is to use their expertise to focus on opportunities and challenges facing local residents. These 95 profiles have been developed to use available data as a snapshot of county statistics to foster discussions with local colleagues and stakeholders to focus program efforts.

There are limitations to the County Profiles. Space on the page and data availability were deciding factors in which data points were used. We ONLY chose data points that were consistent across all counties in Tennessee from reliable sources. (The exception was eleven very rural counties that were missing individual data and we had to modify those profiles with other more general data points). Therefore this is not a complete picture of any one area or community. As you use these profiles understand that for a more complete picture of an issue you would need more specialized data.

We hope you enjoy this as a tool in your collaborative planning efforts.

Laura Stephenson

Assistant Dean