Ph.D., Kansas State University

Associate Professor, Meat Science

Primary Affiliation:UT FST
Expertise: Meat Animal Growth and Development; Meat Quality


Baublits, R.T.,F.W. Pohlman, A.H.Brown, Z.B.Johnson, D.C. Rule, D.O. Onks, C.M. Murrieta, C.J. Richards, B.A. Sandelin, H.D. Loveday, and R.B. Pugh. 2009. Correlations and prediction equations for fatty acids and sensory characteristics of beef longissimus rib steaks from forage-fed cattle and retail USDA choice and select rib steaks. Journal of Muscle Foods 20:1-17


Baublits RT, F.W. Pohlman, A.H. Brown, D.C. Rule, Z.B. Johnson, D.O. Onks, C.M. Murrieta, B.A. Sandelin, C.J. Richards, H.D. Loveday and R.B. Pugh. 2006. Comparison of fatty acid and sensory profiles of beef from forage-fed cattle with retail United States Department of Agriculture choice and select beef. Journal of Muscle Foods 17:311-329.


Baublits, R.T., A.H.Brown, F.W. Pohlman, D.C. Rule, Z.B.Johnson, D.O. Onks, C.M. Murrieta, C.J. Richards, H.D. Loveday, B.A. Sandelin, and R.B. Pugh. 2006. Fatty acid and sensory characteristics of beef from three biological types of cattle grazing cool-season forages supplemented with soyhulls. Meat Science 72:100-107.​​​


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