The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) workshop will help food manufacturers learn about the HACCP principles and have a hands on opportunity to apply this knowledge with oversight of instructors that are experts in this field.    

This course is offered as a 2 day workshop.  Please contact Nathan Miller (Nathan.Miller@tennessee.edu; (865)974-7287) if you would like more information.


Who should attend

Personnel working with food manufacturers processing meat and poultry, especially those with food safety, quality assurance, or quality compliance roles.  Other food manufacturers not manufacturing​ these products will also benefit from this training that need a knowledge of HACCP.  



  • Role of HACCP in Food Manufacturing
  • HACCP Prerequisite Programs
  • Microbiological, Chemical and Physical Hazards
  • Conducting a Hazard Analysis
  • Determining Critical Control Points
  • Determining Critical Limits, Monitoring Methods, and Corrective Actions
  • Verification Procedures
  • Validation of the HACCP Plan

​Upcoming Workshops​ 

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​​Contact FST Extension

Nathan Miller
2510 River Dr
Knoxville, TN 37996 
Email: Nathan.Miller@tennessee.edu​
Ph: (865)974-7287​