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In order to manufacture acidified foods there are specific federal regulations which must be adhered to.  Here is a "to do" list of items to work through as you get ready to take your acidified food to market:  
  1. Become familiar with the federal regulations that apply to acidified foods:
    1. 21 CFR Part 110- cGMP regulations for all foods
    2. 21 CFR Part 114- cGMP regulations for acidified foods
    3. 21 CFR Part 108.25- Emergency permit control for acidified foods
  2. Find a commercial kitchen to manufacture your product in
  3. Speak with Tennessee Department of Agriculture Regulatory Services Division about approval of your manufacturing location (Ronald Murphy - or 615-837-5153).  
  4. Take a Better Process Control School.  You will only need the acidified portion. A list of classes can be found here and an online course is available through the University of California at Davis.  
  5. Register your facility with the FDA by filling out form 2541.
  6. For each product your manufacture fill out a Food Process Filing Form (form 2541a):  As part of this process filing, you will need to obtain processing parameters for the scheduled process (part D) from a Processing Authority.  Dr. Faith Critzer is a processing authority for acidified foods.  Please contact her ( or (865)974-7274) to get more information on beginning this process.  The fee for this service is $100 per product.  ​Here is a link to the FDA's instructions for filling out form 2541a.  
  7. Obtain a Food Manufacturing License from Tennessee Department of Agriculture Regulatory Services Division