Two CASNR-based projects won top awards at the
Exhibit for Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement (EURēCA).
Olivia Crisp, a senior in Animal Science, won the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society's Best of Show Award (one of two presented) for her project, “Genetic Resistance to Staphlococcus aureusMastitis in Bovine CXCR1. Olivia also won the top prize in Natural Sciences (gold medal) and CASNR.  Her research mentor is Gina Pighetti.
Stephanie Kerrigan, Tyler Stanley, Grant Davis, and Sean Knox, won the William Franklin Harris III Undergraduate Research Award for their team project, “UAV Photogrammetric Surveying” as well as the gold medal in the College of Engineering (COE) category.  They are Biosystems Engineering students and their mentor is Robert Freeland.
In addition, Dixie Daniels, a senior Forestry major, won a silver medal in the Natural Sciences for her presentation, “To the vector go the spoils: Identifying fungal pathogens associated with walnut twig beetle, a vector of Thousand Cankers Disease complex. Her research mentor is ​Ðenita Hadžiabdić Guerry of Entomology and Plant Pathology.
Four additional CASNR- based projects were awarded best in CASNR or COE. They are:
·         COE - The team of Christian Wiberley, Coleman Bradley, and Hunter Hill, (Biosystems Engineering) for their project, “Plot Scale  

          switchgrass Harvester”, mentored by William Hart.


·         CASNR - Lindsey Rogerson, a senior in Food Science and Technology,  for her project, “Extraction of Phenolics from Oak”, mentored by 
          Svetlana Zivanovic.
·         CASNR - Alexander Houck, a senior in the College Scholars major, for his project, “Understanding the Role of PSAP in Apoptosis and
          gamma-secretase cleavage”, mentored by Xuemin Xu, Biomedical and Diagnostics, Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
·         CASNR - Devarshi Ardeshna, Interdisciplinary Studies,  and Samantha Brown, Animal Science,  for their project, “Heat Shock Enhanced
         Conjugation in Campylobacter”, mentored by Jun Lin, Animal Science
Close to 200 student projects competed in EURēCA with 24 projects in CASNR and another 24 competed in COE. Please join me in congratulating our student winners and their faculty mentors!
Taken from email correspondence with Dr. Caula Beyl, Dean
College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
The University of Tennessee