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The College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is dedicated to increasing the number of underrepresented professionals within the fields of agriculture, natural resources and/or related sciences.  Through specialized programs, student organizations and mentoring initiatives, CASNR aims to create an inclusive environment that promotes academic success, personal development, retention, student development and career-based success for our diverse student body. With that, we aim to accomplish the following goals:
  • Recruit potential scholars from across the country and provide them with effective resources for future success
  • Promote specialized programs aimed at professional development amongst underrepresented students
  • Work with faculty and staff to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for student development and success

For more information on CASNR's diversity programs, please contact:

Sharon Couch

Coordinator for Student Life and Diversity, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

(865) 974 - 7491

Intercollegiate Bridge Program:

CASNR STEAM Mentoring Program

 MANRRS, UT Chapter
 TLSAMP Program