Herbert Honors

·         Completing  the ​College Honors application before the end of your fifth semester.
·         Maintaining a minimum grade point average of 3.50 in the major and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.25
           (with no grades of D+, D, D- or F in any course completed at UT)
·         Completing 12 credit hours of:
o   Courses numbered 300 or higher in the major by enrolling in the honors section or via honors-by-contract and earning a minimum grade of a 3.00 in each course OR;
o   Courses numbered at the 500-level, taken for undergraduate credit, and earning a minimum grade of 3.00 in each course OR;
o   A combination of 300- or 400-level honors courses, honors-by-contract courses or 500-level courses taken for undergraduate credit and earning a minimum grade of 3.00 in each course
·         Completing the following in addition to the above 12 credit hours, you take:
o   A minimum of 3 credit hours in Agriculture and Natural Resources 497 Honors Research; AND
o   One (1) credit hour of Agriculture and Natural Resources 498 Honors Thesis 

      Dean's Scholars:

  •  In order to be a Dean’s Scholar and maintain Dean's Scholar status, you must:
    • Be accepted into the Chancellor’s Honors Program (CHP)—a program available only to the top 7% UT’s student population.
    • Accept Herbert's invitation to join Dean's Scholars
    • Maintain membership in CHP through meeting all CHP program requirements
      • All CHP requirements and curriculum guidelines can be found here
  • Other information:
    • For writing the thesis, students should register to take AGNR 498 the semester they are writing their thesis 
    • Although not required, involvement in both your community and university is highly encouraged. In doing so, not only will you be better prepared for the future ahead of you, but you will also be graduating with invaluable connections and resources.


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