A college petition is a curricular exception.  Petitions should be the exception and not the rule.  It is expected that students will follow and be advised based upon the set curriculum as specified within the catalog year they are working to graduate under.  Petitions must have 3 levels of approval per the undergraduate catalog, and may be declined at any stage: 1. Advisor 2. Department 3. College-Dean's Office.  The Dean's Office is the final step of approval and dean's office staff enters the approved petition items into the DARS system.  The purposes of a college petition are to:

  1. Designate how transfer coursework, especially those courses labeled as lower division (LD) from community colleges and other 4 year universities, or upper division (UD) courses should apply to a student's degree program.
  2. Designate how internal (UTK) transfer coursework should apply to a student's degree program.
  3. Substitute courses for major courses/requirements based on circumstances beyond the student's control.


Petition Items that are never waived

General Guidelines

Specific Guidelines

Petitions for Minors-- page under construction

Transfer Equivalency Resources

Petition (interactive Word document)

Online Petition-- Currently being used only by ANSC, BsE, ESS, and Food Science