Year​ Student Mentor​ ​Faculty Mentor ​Depart. ​Title
​2014 ​Dvarshi Ardeshna, Smantha Brown ​Jun Lin ​Interdisciplinary Studies & AS ​Heat Shock Enhanced Conjugation in Campylobacter
​2014 ​Coeman Bradley, Hunter Hill, Christain Wiberley ​William Hart ​Plot Scale Switchgrass Harvester

​Oliva Crisp

Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society's Best of Show Award

​Gina Pighetti ​AS ​Genetic Resistance to Staphlococcus aureus

​Dixie Daniels

Silver Medal in the Natural Sciences

Ðenita Hadžiabdić Guerry ​FST ​To the vector go the spoils: Identifying fungal pathogens associated with walnut twig beetle a vector of Thousand Canker Disease Complex.

​Grant Davis, Stephanie Kerrigan, Sean Knox, Grant Davis

William Franklin Harris III Undergraduate Research Award

​Robert Freeland ​UAV Photogrammetric Surveying
​2014 ​Alexander Houck ​Xuemin Xu ​College Scholars ​Understanding the Role of PSAP in Apoptosis and gamma-secretase cleavage
2013​ Mikhail Androsov Ben Fitzpatrick BESS Seasonal microbiology of the Tennessee River
​2013 Elias Attea David Butler ​PS Isolation and identification of free-living nitrogen-fixing bacteria in organic forage systems in Tennessee
Dillon Avans,
Robert Baldus,
& Andrew Veeneman
Douglas Hayes ​BEES A systematic approach to the improvement of high tunnels With regards to their ability to withstand wind
 William Barbour
Paul Ayers BESS Sneak-Peek: A tool for underwater video exploration and GPS mapping
Thomas Bone,
Calvin Howard Jr,
Matthew Sewell,
& Andrew Whisler
Daniel Yoder BESS Sediment pond baffling design
​2013 Akshar Brahmbhatt Stephen Kania CVM Identification of the major clonal populations of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus pseudintermedius in the United States
Samantha Brown
Jun Lin AS Cj0843c, a putative lytic transglycosylase contributes to beta-lactam resistance in Campylobacter jejuni
​2013 Ariel Buehler
Faith Critzer FST Microgreens: use of green fluorescent proteins to evaluate antimicrobial efficacy.
Anthony Cicco
Doris D'Souza FST Comparison of grapeseed, pomegranate, and cranberry extracts against Salmonella enterica serovars Typhimurium and Enteritidis
2013 Andrea Collins Neal Stewart PS Effects of carbohydrates and chelating sources on the growth of switchgrass cell suspension cultures
2013 Joseph Davis Neal Stewart PS Tissue culture methodology for the potential biofuel crop model Panicum halii filipes
2013 Rachel Dunlap Douglas Hayes BESS Soil microbial communities capable of full microbial assimilaiton of biopolymer-based agricultural plastics
Joshua Grant
Neal Stewart PS Functional analysis of a putative membrane-bound endo-B-1,4-glucanase from Panicum virgatum
2013 Michaha Hanson                          BRIDGE GRANT RECIPIENT Charles Kwit PS Diversity and genetic structure of native switchgrass populations in Tennessee using SSR markers
​2013 Amanda Hardcastle Grey Parks ​AS Effects of cutting height, nitrogen fertilization, and harvest time on structural carbohydrates in bermudagrass
​2013 ​Noelle Herrera ​Maria Prado ​AS Prevalence of bacterial antibiotic resistance genes at the UT Little River Farm before and after populating with cattle
​2013 Ryan Hodges,
Chanci King,
Brandon Massengill &
& Brittani Perez
John Wilkerson BESS Subclinical mastitis inline detection system

Chelsea Johnson                           CASNR AWARD WINNER

Neal Stewart PS Molecular characterization of herbicide resistance in horseweek (Conyza canadensis L.)
​2013 Victoria Knight                           BRIDGE GRANT RECIPIENT Juan Luis Jurat-Fuentes ​EPP Is nuclease activity limiting successful RNAi gene silencing in Heliothis virescens larvae?
​2013 Jordan Norton David Butler


Impact of cover crops on soil phosphorus availability in highly weathered, acid soils
​2013 Evan Wilson Amy Fulcher ​PS Effected of elevated dissolved oxygen levels on container-grown plants
​2012 Hannah Barry David Butler ​PS Soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization following alternative soil disinfestation practices for strawberry production
​2012 Patrick Beasley,
Brianna Cooper,
Chad Tague,
& Joe Yantis
Daniel Yoder Green wall
2012 Ashley Buchanan, Jennica McGuire Maria Prado AS Use of a Streptococcus uberis bioreporter to study biofilm formation
2012 ​Margaret Conley ​Gina Pighettie & Perer Krasczei ​AS Who's listening? The preferred communication techniques of the Tennessee dairy producer.
Amanda Fields
Naima Moustaid- Moussa ​AS Effects of bioactive compounds on inflammation and obesity
2012 ​Erick Foster, Mathew Menarchery, Steven Motruk, & Jacob Smith                                    COE AWARD WINNER ​William Hart ​Quarter Scale tractor team
2012 Connor Gorman                       CASNR AWARD WINNER Neal Stewart ​PS Construction and verification of promoter testing vectors for switchgrass
2012 Joshua Grant Neal Stewart ​PS Functional analysis of a putative plant membrane-bound Endo-β-1, 4-endoglucanase in E. coli
2012 Hayden Hall Neal Stewart ​PS Functional analysis of a putative plant membrane-bound Endo-β-1, 4-endoglucanase in E. coli
Kristen Higginbotham
Neal Stewart ​PS Antimicrobial activity of Hibiscus sabdariffa aqueous extracts against Escherichia coli O157: H7 in microbiological medium and ultra high temperature milk
2012 Jasmine John                            CASNR AWARD WINNER Neal Stewart ​PS Trees that make diesel fuel: identification of Copaifera officinalis and C. langsdorfii terpene synthase promoter expression in Nicotiana tabacum
2012 Elizabeth Johnson Maria Prado ​AS Preliminary characterization of the exopolysaccharide produced by Streptococcus uberis during biofilm formation
2012 Brittni Jones Maria Prado ​AS Antibiotic susceptibility profiles of planktonic and biofilm forms of Streptococcus uberis strains isolated from cows with mastitis
2012 Charles Jones Neal Stewart ​PS Antimicrobial activity of yerba mate in milk against Escherichia col
2012 Abigail Roach Neal Stewart ​PS Efficacy of yerba mate washes against Escherichia coli in sprouts
2012 Kiersten Stevenson Graham Hickling ​FWF Blood meal analysis of potential lyme disease vectors (Ixodes affinis and Ixodes scapularis) in North Carolina using a new reverse line blot method
2012 S. Evan Wilson Amy Fulcher ​PS Development of an elevated dissolved oxygen irrigation treatment system for nursery crops
2011 James Beington,
Benjamin Hoptroff,
Joseph Freeman,
& Clayton Parsons
Paul Ayers BESS Blue crab nursery system for stock enhancement
​2011 ​Ariel Buehler ​David Golden ​FST Effectiveness of lactic acid as a sanitizer on fresh-cut vegetables
​2011 Haden Campbell &                       Joe Selby Daniel Yoder ​BESS Continuous treatment and recovery of blood contaminated slaughterhouse wastewater by heat addition
​2011 Brett Denton,
Katie Peay,
Colby Summers,
& Blake Vaughn
John Buchanan ​BESS Continuous treatment and recovery of blood contaminated slaughterhouse wastewater by heat addition
​2011 Steven Fassino Kimberly Gwinn, Suzanne Lenhart & Paul Denton EPP, Math, and PS Modeling the effect of abiotic factors on tobacco specific nitrosamines
​2011 Michael Fethe Neal Stewart PS Phytosenors for detecting pathogens in tobacco and Arabidopsis
​2011 Mary Hall Cheryl Kojima AS Development of a model of obesity-induced atherosclerosis in swine
​2011 Kristen Higginbotham Neal Stewart PS Natural botanical extracts of antimicrobial agents against foodborne-and plant-pathogens.
​2011 Jasmine John Ann Draughon FST Affective and simple heat treatment  to ensure bacterial safety of fresh broccoli and green onion in the home
​2011 Chanci King Paul Ayers BESS Habitat mapping of threatened and endangered fish in Citico Creek
​2011 Kristie Mantooth Neal Stewart PS Using genomic tools to elucidate glyphosate resistance mechanisms in horseweed
​2011 Colleen Monahan Hank Kattesh AS Effects of PUFA supplementation on growth and physiological indicators of stress in pre- and post-weaned pigs
​2011 Stephen Nelson Bonnie Ownley EPP Identifying disease resistance in heirloom tomatoes
​2011 Charles Pannell                      CASNR AWARD WINNER Doug Hayes BESS A chemical and material evaluation of biodegradable agricultural mulch materials
​2011 Amanda Plante Andrew Pulte PS Plant sciences student involvement in professional organizations and conferences
​2011 Steven Pickett,
Britany Swann,
& Andy Whisler
Niki Labbé ​FWF From seed to ethanol
​2011 Audra Wallis &                    Michael Ensminger David Golden FST Growth comparison of Listeria monocytogenes on traditional and preservative-free hotdogs stored at 10° and 4°C.
2011​ Clint Wayman ​Garry Menendez ​PS Benefits and practicality of implementing green roof systems on Hodges Library
​2011 Jill Wilson                                CASNR AWARD WINNER Michelle Connolly & Lisa Muller CEB & FWF Assessment of exposure to environmental estrogens in male largemouth bass in East Tennessee reservoirs
​2010 Sarah Ball Garry Menendez ​PSS James White Greenway
​2010 Steven Fassino                           CASNR AWARD WINNER Kimberly Gwinn EPP Modeling monoterpene synthesis in Monarda didyma ‘Croftway Pink’
​2010 Mariam Fawaz
& Lauren Nixon
Mark Radosevich BESS Characterization of a novel bacterium from the Phylum Gemmatimonadetes
​2010 Lori Gibson,
Heath Duncan,
Alex McLemore,
& Rebecca Messer
William Hart BESS CROPP- Cryogenic Reduction of Organic Post Plants
​2010 Daniel Houlihan                            CASNR AWARD WINNER Maria Prado AS Techniques for determining efficacy of different anti-coccidia drugs on the growth and development of the camelid parasite, Eimeria macusaniensis, in cell cultures
​2010 Chanci King Paul Ayers BESS Habitat mapping of threatened and endangered Fish in Citico Creek
​2010 Preston Morris Gina Pighetti AS Does norepinephrine affect mastitis causing E. coli?
​2010 Sean Nester &                        Randall Whitehead John Buchanan ​BESS Polyacrylamide application for reducing stormwater turbidity
​2010 Amanda Plante Susan Hamilton & Mark Fly PSS& FWF Plants, happiness, and grades: are they connected?
​2010 Stacy Warwick Joseph Bozell FWF Evaluation of solvent fractionation processes on switchgrass
​2010 Emily Wrinn Paul Ayers BESS Comparing two GPA receivers on military vehicles for environmental impact
​2009 Taylor Atchley Kimberly Gwinn EPP Beauvericin production in gnotobiotic tomatoes
​2009 Matt Carr,
Sam Jordan, &
John Johnson
David Buckley FWF Influence of aspect and topography on native woody plant communities of the North Cumberland Mountains.
​2009 Joseph Freeman,
Clayton Parsons,
& Matt Jones
Paul Ayers BESS Vehicle tracking study to evaluate environmental impacts of military vehicles during training maneuvers
​2009 James Gobrecht                         CASNR AWARD WINNER Garry Menendez PS Stanley’s Botanical Garden & Arboretum
​2009 Joshua Jones John Mount FST Sodium reduction in canned bean varieties by draining and rinsing
​2009 Kari Jones Ann Draughon FST Impact of heat stress and washing/disinfection methods on survival of Salmonella in jalapeno peppers
​2009 Alex McLemore
& Adam Duncan
Paul Ayers BESS Coal deposits located in the mouth of the Clinch River
​2009 Glenis Moore                          CASNR AWARD WINNER Maria Prado AS Biofilm production by Streptococcus uberis associated with intramammary infection
​2009 Amanda Plante Susan Hamilton & Mark Fly PS & FWF Student preference of outdoor areas provided by the University of Tennessee
​2009 Brandon Stephens &               Andy Balch Adam Taylor FWF Survey of subterranean termites (genus: Reticulitermes) on sites representing different silvicultural treatments in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
​2009 Ellen Reeve Neal Stewart PS Competition between transgenic mustard and wild mustard plants
​2009 John Rice Neal Stewart ​PS Engineering male sterile tobacco for pharmaceutical production
​2009 Will Rutemeyer,
Ken Swinson
& Crystal Kelly                  
John Buchanan BESS
​2009 Chelsea Taylor Kimberly Gwinn EPP Degradation of essential oils found in Monarda fistulosa under greenhouse and laboratory conditions
​2009 Daniel Tomason Qixin Zhong FST Nanotechnology to create novel functionalities of whey protein
​2009 Katrina Tsacrios Neal Stewart PS Micropropagation and genetic transformation of Hemerocallis
​2009 Ryan Worth,
Seth Brown,
James Hartsig,
Alan Hargraves,
& Brandon Ducheney
Mark Radosevich BESS Quorum sensing and quorum quenching in soil bacteria