Undergraduate Research Courses with Herbert Faculty
AGNR 317 - Agriculture and Natural Resources Honors Topics (1-4 credit hours/semester; may be repeated – maximum 8 h). Discussion of selected topics, issues, and problems influencing national and international food, fiber, bioenergy, agriculture, and natural resources systems.
·         Nature of Critical Thinking – Dr. Brent Lamons (Coming Fall 2014)
·         Undergraduate Research Preparation – Dr. Kimberly Gwinn (Coming Spring 2015)
AGNR 497 - Honors Research (3 credit hours/semester; may be repeated – maximum 6 h; S/NC grading). Herbert Honors Students Only.  Consists of independent work with a faculty member.
AREC 493-  Independent Study (1-3 credit hours/semester) Research and Report. Special Courses in specific topics
ALEC 493-  Independent Study (1-3 credit hours/semester) Individual to study special project or problem
ANSC 493- Independent Study (1-3 credit hours/semester) Committee-approved written proposal; report. Sophomore status, DH approval
EPP 493-    Research with Faculty (1-3 credit hours/semester) Research with Faculty
ESS  493-   Problems ESS (1-3 credit hours/semester) Research Problem
FDST 493-  Practical Experience (1-12 credit hours) Research with Faculty Internship
FORS 493-  Independent Study (1-15 credit hours) Research or Problem
PLSC 493-  Problem Horticulture/Plant Science (1-3 credit hours) Individual work with problem in Plant Science or Landscape Design
PLSC 497- Undergrate Research Participation (1-3 credit hours) Research
Department-based Undergraduate Research Courses are currently under construction. Please check with your academic and research advisors.