Our college has a goal of internationalizing the Herbert College of Agriculture learning experience so that students possess the requisite knowledge, skills and cultural understanding to be competitive and contribute effectively in the global arena. Given our decentralized advising system, it is critical that all teaching faculty encourage their advisees to seriously consider ways they might internationalize their learning experience. Ways to do this include:

  • Read the "Study Abroad Road Map" (both short and detailed maps) located in the "SA Resources" section at the top of the Study Abroad website. Also encourage students to read the Study Abroad Road Map.

  • We in Herbert College of Agriculture and the staff in the Programs Abroad Office (PAO) should work as collaborative partners in serving our students. We know our students well and provide academic advice, while the PAO guides them on living and studying abroad and on the process of successful application and registration with their office, that is necessary for getting credit transferred for their SA experience. Reinforce that any student seeking credit for an abroad experience must apply with the PAO even if their experience is through a different institution other than UTK. Encourage students to become familiar with this website and that of the Programs Abroad Office within UTK’s Center for International Education. An initial step any interested student should take is to attend the General Information Session at the Programs Abroad Office any week day at 2:00 p.m. when classes are in session. These sessions are held in Melrose Hall.

  • Encourage students to attend the Study Abroad Fair, September 17, 2014, (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in Hollinsworth Auditorium), and the UTK Study Abroad Fair on September 23, 2014, (11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the UC Auditorium).

  • If students have questions you can’t answer, encourage them to contact your department’s international advisor and/or study abroad coordinator.

  • Share the "Request for Transfer Credit Form" from the PAO with the student. You will receive this form after the student's acceptance to a program. The student must complete this form, and you will need to sign as part of their application for studying abroad for a semester (or year).

  • Encourage students to plan early. We have the objective of integrating international learning experiences into students’ academic career without adding any time to their program. Careful and early planning is important. Students can participate in a variety of activities including a short-term study abroad course, internship or field program, or a semester abroad. Students considering the possibility of a semester abroad program should try and reserve some Gen. Ed. requirements for their abroad semester. This would allow them the flexibility of taking courses abroad which would meet Gen. Ed. requirements, as well as courses which would fulfill required science courses in their major. Faculty advisors or the study aboard coordinator​ can request the pre-approval of possible Gen. Ed. courses.

  • Make them aware of International Agriculture and Natural Resources Minor, and if interested, help them understand how they can integrate this minor into their program.

  • Ask! You are encouraged to contact your department’s international advisor and/or study abroad coordinator (Adam Willcox, awillcox@utk.edu) to not only answer any questions you may have but also to better understand goals and objectives regarding internationalization.