Finding a Study Abroad Program

Any student seeking credit for an abroad experience must apply with the Programs Abroad Office (PAO) and fill out the appropriate forms, even if their experience is provided through a different institution other than UTK. 



  • Want to travel before or after your program? Plan ahead and plan early.

    • Making reservations early is cheaper, but locks you into dates

  • Consider exchange rates of countries you will/might visit

  • Whatever you budget, assume an additional 10% at the least


Finding Financial Aid

  • Need up-to-date FAFSA

  • CIE Undergraduate Study Abroad Scholarship and other opportunities

  • Funding: Contact Study Abroad Coordinator,

  • Departments: Check with your advisor and/or department head to determine if any departmental scholarships are available for study abroad

  • HOPE: applies for semester programs

    • For summer: need to be taking 6 hours with UT or that will transfer back to UT

    • Use course equivalency form to prove that courses transfer back

      • Needs to be signed by department head, Registrar, and CIE

  • Other UT offices:
    • For example, Chancellor’s Honors Program, Parents’ Association

  • External Scholarships:

  • Research grants:

    • Doesn’t have to be a research trip, could be independent study while taking classes

  • Many application dates are in Fall semester; apply early, you can always turn them down later if you decide not to go

  • In scholarship essays, stress how this program will further your education and how it is unique and important

Critical Paperwork

  • To receive credit for your study abroad experience, students must apply and fill out forms with the Programs Abroad Office, even if an institution other than UTK offers the program. For more information on getting started, visit the "Getting Started" webpage on the Center for International Education website.

  • Always fill out UTK online forms, even if studying with another SEC university

  • Complete online paperwork on-time, and it’s not too bad

  • If in doubt, contact the Programs Abroad Office

  • Check your UT online application homepage regularly; the system sends emails, but they’re easy to overlook



  • Get a passport 3+ months early…not fun worrying if it will come on time

  • ISIC card is useful, despite what you hear; ~$25 is a good deal for health insurance

  • USE GOOGLE – you don’t have to look far to find good websites about what to bring, how to pack, where to go, and what to see

  • Programs Abroad Office Travel Resources link for student travel agencies and other planning tools like currency converters and travel guide sites

  • Talk to CASNR International Mentors or others past study abroad students in your program; they give great advice and love to talk about their experience

    • Ask professor for their names if you need to

  • Connect with other students going on the trip to share advice you found, book flights, and plan tourism activities

  • Programs Abroad Office Pre-Departure Orientation (November for spring and April for summer/fall/academic year) will also connect you with students going abroad to the same location and with past participants