*** Apply for a Passport Now ***

STEP 1: Explore Herbert and Programs Abroad Office (PAO) within the UTK Center for International Education (CIE) websites for programs of interest.

Step 2: Attend a Programs Abroad Office (PAO) daily info session at 2:00 p.m. on regular class days to learn about program types, academic credit transfer, and financial aid.

Step 3: Meet with your academic advisor to discuss options for study abroad during your college experience. Other resources include the study abroad coordinator, Dr. Adam Willcox (awillcox@utk.edu), the International Ambassadors, and your department's international advisor.

IMPORTANT: Any student seeking credit for an abroad experience must apply with the PAO, and fill out the appropriate forms even if their experience is provided through an institution different from UTK.
Step 4: Meet with PAO study abroad advisor to discuss program application procedures, timelines, costs and academics. Call (865) 974-3177 to schedule an appointment.
Step 5: Consider how you will finance the program. Think of study abroad as an investment, as the personal and professional gains can last a lifetime. With a semester abroad program, in particular, the total cost is often comparable to a semester in UT Knoxville. Review these important links:
  • Resources: 
    • UTIA International Programs Office offers two rounds of competative scholarships (fall and spring semesters) of $500. Check the website for announcements and dealines.
    • Check with your advisor and/or department head to determine if any departmental scholarship are available for study abroad
    • If joining a mini-term faculty-directed program, contact the faculty leader for possible scholarship opportunities.
 Step 6: Apply online for your program choice

​International Ambassadors 

Contact a International Ambassador. They are looking forward to sharing their study abroad experience with you and helping you plan yours.

Brigitte Passman crop.png
Brigitte Passman
Major: ALEC

Kathrine McCarty.pngcrop.png
Kathrine McCarty
Major: AnSci/Wildlife Health

Jack Hartfelder.pngcrop.png
Jack Hartfelder
Major: Wildlife & Fisheries

Savannah blackman.pngcrop.png
Savannah Blackman
Major: Wildlife & Fisheries

Megan Wright.pngcrop.png
Megan Wright
Major: Animal Science

Emily Freeman.pngcrop.png
Emily Freeman
Major: Animal Science

Catherine Moore crop.PNG
Catherine Moore
Major: Ag Comm/Political Science

Laura Vining crop.PNG

Laura Vining
Major: Wildlife & Fisheries