University College, Dublin is Ireland’s largest university with 17,000 undergraduate students, and is located in the southern end of the city on a very picturesque campus, and is within 15 minutes of the city center. Public transportation is readily available for the city and airport.  UC Dublin is an excellent match for many Herbert College of Agriculture students with the exception that they have no wildlife or ecology program.  All Herbert students have direct enroll possibilities while Biosystems engineering also have exchange possibilities General information for all international students at UC Dublin is at the following site:


Housing is readily available on campus, with international students guaranteed a room on campus if desired. Students typically do not know who their roommates will be until they move in. The housing arrangements differ, but generally consist of 3-5 bedrooms, individual or shared baths, and kitchen and living area. Students are allowed to live off campus, but international students are discouraged, simply to enhance their integration into university life.



School of Agriculture, Food Science and Veterinary Medicine. The School is part of the College of Life Sciences and structured similarly to Herbert College of Agriculture although Veterinary Medicine is part of the School. Students applying for Agriculture Study Abroad must take 4 modules (courses) in Agriculture from any major (most modules are 5 credits and these transfer to UT as 3 credits). For example, a student could take 2 courses in Animal Science and 2 courses in Plant Science (or all in one agricultural major) and then another course of any subject matter, Irish History for example. The School offers undergraduate degree programs corresponding to many of those in Herbert College of Agriculture through the BAgrSC (Bachelor of Agricultural Science) with majors in:

  • Forestry
  • Food & Agribusiness Management
  • Agri-Environmental Sciences
  • Animal and Crop Production
  • Animal Science
  • Animal Science-Equine
  • Engineering Technology
  • Horticulture, Landscape and Sportsturf Management
  • Dairy Business

They also offer separate degrees in:

  • BSc in Food Science and
  • BSc Human Nutrition

Via their Veterinary Medicine program they offer a Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (MVB) and a Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Nursing). Most degrees are four-year programs and the terms/semesters are similar to UT’s academic calendar, although exams extend into January for the first term.

Curricular information can be attained from the following link, click on the first choice (Agri-Food, etc.) and a drop down will show curricula for all degrees and degree concentrations: 

UC Dublin is part of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) and most courses are 5 credits which transfers to 3 UT credits, and UT students should take 5-6 courses, which is equivalent to 15-18 hours at UTK.