The School of Biosciences and the School of Veterinary Medicine and Science (relatively new) are located on the 100 acre Sutton Bonington Campus, which is a rural location about 10 miles from the main campus and includes the University’s farm. The university has a bus service and it takes about 20 minutes to get from the main campus to the Sutton Bonington Campus. The University of Nottingham has around 30,000 students, and is described by the Sunday Times as “among the most sought-after in higher education”.


There is ample housing for international degree-seeking or exchange students on the Sutton Bonington Campus. There is also a choice of housing types. Many international students choose to live on the agricultural campus because it is convenient. However, others choose to live in housing on the main campus and commute to the Sutton Bonington campus for classes.



School of Biosciences: This school has five divisions which are arranged via research interests: Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Animal Sciences, Nutritional Sciences, Food Sciences, and Plant & Crop Sciences. There are multiple programs of possible interest to students of the Herbert College of Agriculture in agriculture (both animal and plant), environmental science, food science and nutrition, and pre-veterinary science. Visit the School of Biosciences' Web site for more details on the programs available.

Of most importance to Herbert students are the actual courses and the course descriptions for all programs in the School of Bioscience can be found in the University Module Catalogue - just choose 'Biosciences' in the 'Select a School' search box, and then choose “search” on the right side of the page to see a full list; click on the module code for details.  Ten University of Nottingham credits equals 3 UTK credits. 


School of Veterinary Medicine and Science: This school opened in 2006 and their curriculum is modular/system based rather than discipline based. Given differences in how the curricula are organized at UTK and at Nottingham, there seems to be limited possibilities for semester-based exchanges. However, people at the Nottingham Veterinary School indicated an interest in year five for their students to have a rotation at UTK in wildlife health given that Nottingham does not have that possibility.