The following are impacts and value perspectives from students who participated in a study abroad program:


  1. Cultural
    Expanding my knowledge and understanding of cultures beyond my own has been such a rich experience. I simply feel more connected to other people and places because of my study abroad experience.

  2. Seizing the Opportunity
    It's been a once in a lifetime opportunity. We had access to facilities, institutions, agricultural practices and personal experiences that you would never have on your own. DO IT! It can be expensive but there are scholarships out there, and it's worth every penny.

  3. Professional
    Agriculture is global in nature and study abroad has helped me understand my profession in the context of other places, climates and cultures. It has really opened my eyes to the possibilities of my profession, not just here at home but also globally.

  4. World View
    The experience has helped me have a better view of the world, not only regarding other cultures and agricultural practices, but also how we are linked to others in the world.

  5. Life Changing
    The trip was some of the most fun and fulfillment I have ever had, and definitely life changing. My study abroad has been the biggest highlight of my college career. Truthfully, the trip of a lifetime. It has impacted me in ways that I can never fully express in words. The greatest choice I made in my college career.

  6. Career Changing
    The trip has influenced my graduate program I plan to pursue, especially the focus of my thesis. I really want to go back and am considering a master's degree program in Belgium. I now want to really look for jobs that would let me apply my work globally, not just here in the states.

  7. Confidence
    This trip has given me more confidence in the future, in looking for opportunities to apply my work at home as well as abroad. I will soon be entering the job market, and I feel more confident in doing so because of my study abroad experience. I think it will help give me a leg-up as I look for jobs.

  8. Bonding
    Being with other students on such a life-changing experience creates great bonds with each other. Spending a whole semester with students of another culture has produced some lasting friendships, more so that I would have thought.

  9. Career Advancement
    I think employers will increasingly be seeking students with some international experience. I feel studying abroad gives me a competitive edge in the workplace.