Herbert Spring courses. In 2018, we will expand our study abroad offerings to include Spring Semester imbedded courses. These courses will meet throughout the semester with required travel over Spring Break. Both courses are offered by faculty who conduct research and extension in the country, giving you an insider's view.

  • Plants, Parks, and People: From the Smokies to San Jose Join Drs. Andy Pulte and Adam Willcox in Costa Rica as we explore the use and conservation of organisms humans interact with the most: the humble plant. You will taste, touch, smell, and admire our primary producers and learn their critical roles in the global ecosystem. apulte@utk.edu

Herbert Summer courses. These courses are normally about three weeks in duration and students earn from one to three hours credit. There are great experiences for learning about agriculture and/or natural resources in another country, while also being introduced to different culture. In Herbert led programs, a Herbert faculty member has designed and will teach the course. The courses include:

  • The Landscapes and Gardens of Eastern Europe with Professors Brad Collett and Garry Menendez. See and study and beautiful gardens and cities of the world to better understand the role they play in society and the cultural landscape. bcollett@utk.edu
  • Water and Civilizations in the Dominican Republic with Dr. Joanne Logan.  This trip includes learning from faculty at the Agricultural University of Santiago, service learning, and homestay with Dominican Families (two students per family). loganj@utk.edu

  • Animal Agriculture and Culture in Japan with Dr. Cheryl Kojima. This course (AGNR 491) is taken for two credits in the Spring semester at UT, followed by a one-credit course taken in summer to Japan. This program offers you and opportunity to see experience the incredible animal agricluture, food, wildlife, and fish of Japan with an insiders view from research stations and industry. ckojima@utk.edu
  • Tropical Ecology, Field Methods, and Conservation in Belize with Drs. Emma & Adam Willcox is a field-orientated course to learn tropical field methods, ecology, and human-wildlife linkages that challenge wildlife conservation and reserves. ewillcox@utk.edu

  • Viticulture and Enology in Italy with Dr. David Lockwood is offered through UGA and covers field management, winemaking processes, and sensory​ implications of wine making. lockwood@utk.edu  UGA's Viticulture and Enology Maymester lockwood@utk.edu​

  • Developing Global Leaders Down Under with Dr. Carrie Stephens and Justin Crowe. Develop hands-on leadership, education, and communications skills while exploring the cities and outback of Australia. cfritz@utk.edu
In addition to short-term courses led by Herbert faculty, there are others led by faculty at universities that may be of interest to some students. The following courses are examples of these with tuition for UTK students being in-state for the state:
  • Belgium Summer Abroad Environmental Science and Engineering Programs for SEC Students. Organized by the Department of Biological & Agricultural Engineering at Texas A&M in partnership with Katholieke University in Leuven, Belgium, students can take one of two program tracks, both two three-credit courses: a-One in Environmental Science (Soil & Water Management {3} & Techniques for Environmental & Natural Resource Engineering {3}) and b-the other in Engineering (Principles of Environmental Hydrology {3} and Design of Biological Waste Treatment Systems {3}).

  • European Culture & Cuisine. The Department of Food, Nutrition & Packaging Sciences at Clemson University offers two distinctive study abroad programs, one for all majors offered in even summers and the other in spring semester in Australia for food science students interested in Culinology.  The former includes a course in Cultural Exploration of Spanish Foods and another in Cultural Communications.  The latter is exclusively for Food Science, Culinary Science & Nutrition Majors and includes professional courses and if chosen a paid 12 week summer internship. 

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