Want to get connected with and involved in UTIA international activities? The UTIA faculty and staff international catalyst fund provides matching funds for faculty and staff to grow ongoing UTIA international projects and programs. This fund provides up to $1,000 to a faculty or staff member to support international travel to a location in which UTIA is developing or has ongoing projects and programs.

  • All UTIA faculty and staff are eligible to receive an award one time per calendar year.
  • Faculty and staff with appointments in any of the four UTIA units (AgResearch, CASNR, CVM, UT Extension) or with appointments in a UTIA service unit (e.g. IT, Marketing and Communications, Advancement, Facilities and Services, etc.) are all eligible to apply.
  • Catalyst funds must be matched 1:1 by a UTIA faculty or staff member, and/or a dean, department head or director.
How to apply
Selection process
  • As opportunities to engage in international opportunities occur on a rolling basis, applications will also be received and reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • Funds will be expended based on the merit of applications.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Smith International Center team with consultation from deans, department heads, directors and the UTIA International Advisory Council.
  • Applications will be reviewed based on fit with UTIA ongoing international activities and potential for strengthening an individual’s ongoing teaching, research, Extension, and service activities.
  • Once funds are fully expended for the calendar year, no more funds will be available until the next calendar year. UTIA Smith International Center expects to fund up to 25 matched travel awards per calendar year.
  • No more than one application per individual will be funded per calendar year. Individuals are allowed and encouraged to apply again in subsequent years.


Current opportunities available to UTIA faculty and staff to grow ongoing UTIA international projects and programs
Belize – anytime between late May and early July 2019
USDA NIFA funded project- UTIA and the University of Florida are partnering to lead a research and extension fellowship program for undergraduates. Current projects are on crop production and soils, social and economic systems, wildlife, forestry, and ecosystem services in and around the Vaca Forest Reserve in western Belize. Students will be in Belize between late May and early July 2019. Let us know if you would like to learn more about the project, build contacts in Belize, and/or work alongside any of these students.
Cambodia – anytime in Spring 2019
USAID Cambodia projects- UTIA is currently planning a workshop on animal and human health in Cambodia for Spring 2019. We will be working with a local university to organize the workshop for farmers in the region. Faculty and staff interested in livestock and/or forages and have an interest in building collaborations in SE Asia are encouraged to apply. 
Honduras – Fall 2018

Zamorano University- UTIA recruits undergraduate seniors from Zamorano to intern at UTIA every Spring semester. These students could be future UT grad school applicants. Opportunities for faculty to give a seminar on the Zamorano campus and interview a potential intern(s) are available. Dr. Ader and/or Dr. Gill plan to travel to Honduras in Fall 2018- let us know if you are interested in joining them.
Ireland/N. Ireland – December 2018
AFRI Foundational Program funding between US, Ireland and Northern Ireland partnersUS applicants must have BOTH an Irish AND a Northern Irish partner to be eligible for funding. In addition, there are opportunities to build teaching and study abroad linkages with institutions in Ireland and Northern Ireland. Faculty with existing collaborators in either/or/both Ireland and Northern Ireland are encouraged to join Drs. White, Gill and Willcox on a visit to universities on the Emerald Isle this December. Faculty in Food Science, EPP, Animal Science and Veterinary Science are particularly encouraged to join the trip.  
Rwanda – ongoing travel opportunities throughout 2018 and 2019
Vol Leaders communications specialist- Opportunity for communications-related personnel to travel to Rwanda with the UTIA team as they host the Vol Leaders in July 2019.  

 (Last updated: 8/9/18)