From the Senior Vice President
and Senior Vice Chancellor

September 11, 2020

While the Institute's case counts remain very low, we've seen a steady increase of COVID-19 cases among students on the Knoxville campus. The university is monitoring the sources of spread very closely and is taking action when warranted. Much of this planning and monitoring of activity is overseen by the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) of which Dave White, our associate dean of AgResearch, is a member. Dave graciously filled in for me on the Fireside Chat in my absence today to give an overview of cases, as well as perspective on daily activity within the center. I appreciate his willingness to serve in this capacity, and also thank Doug Edlund, who is representing communications. Our presence on the EOC is very helpful in understanding the impact of the coronavirus on our university and how best we can respond.

As we wrap up another week, I'm reminded that today is the nineteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks when our nation faced an entirely different source of adversity. Just like we did in 2001, I'm confident that we will work through the challenges of this pandemic and persevere. Thanks for washing your hands, wearing your masks, keeping your distance from others, and staying home when you don't feel well. Also remember to visit our COVID-19 resources website to find multiple resources that can assist in promoting best practices.

Take care and enjoy your weekend.


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