From the Senior Vice President
and Senior Vice Chancellor

October 2, 2020

A little good news on this Big Orange Friday! From a pandemic standpoint, we continue to see a decline in cases at the University. This is especially true within the Institute, where we currently have only two positive cases. Please continue the safety protocols you've all been implementing. I truly think this is making a difference.

We were especially honored to have athletic director Phil Fulmer as our guest today on this week's Fireside Chat. Fulmer gave us an update on what to prepare for during tomorrow's first home game. Safety will be paramount for both the players and the attendees. The bottom line is it won't be the same experience as what we are used to, but the team and coaches are so appreciative of the support and look forward to seeing fans in the stands.

Most importantly, Fulmer shared his thoughts on persevering through adversity based on his many years of coaching and through his own challenging life experiences. He believes that staying positive is the one way we can truly be in charge of our own destinies and be successful in life. The most successful teams he has coached believed in themselves and faced obstacles with positive attitudes. This is something we all can incorporate into our own lives, and we appreciate him sharing his perspective with us.

Have a great weekend and go VOLS!


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