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Spring 2019

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Greetings from the Department of Food Science!

In this edition of Focus on Food Science, we celebrate the life of one of the department's founding members as well as all the great work we've done in the last semester and the talented faculty, staff, and students who make it happen. We look forward to continuing our tradition of excellence in the semester ahead!

A photo of a student with the yellow M&M

Department Activities

The 2018 fall semester was full of planning, recruiting, and exciting activities. In October we held the first Curriculum Advisory Board Meeting and were humbled by our alumni and local industry leaders' willingness to help push our program to the forefront of Food Science.

We celebrated the successes of our faculty and students and mourned the passing of beloved former department head, Hugh Jaynes. We are excited to be welcoming Toni Wang, who has research in the areas of lipid chemistry and bioactivity and application, as our newest faculty member this summer.

The seventeenth Annual Wines of the South event (pictured above left) was held October 12-13, with almost 300 entries judged by a mix of American Wine Society certified judges and wine specialists from all over the country. This year Narmada Winery in Amissville, Virginia, won Best of Show with their 2014 Midnight wine.

Photo of the staff Thanksgiving dinner
Food Science students enjoyed a meal together celebrating Thanksgiving 2018.

A Food Science Envoy representing the department at a college fair

Student Involvement

The fall semester is a very busy time for many of our students. Not only are they working very hard in the classroom, but most are involved with the Food Science Club, our Envoy program, and/or working in labs or jobs off campus.

The Food Science Club offers many opportunities for our students, both in the science and pre-professional concentrations, to be involved with a variety of events and networking opportunities. Last semester our Envoys represented the department at several college fairs and many on-campus events. They will participate in more on-campus events this spring. There is also never a shortage of students working in the department. This semester Kindal Tatum is working for Charles White in his dairy evaluation class, Olivia Martin is shadowing staff in Vermont Dia's lab, and Bailey Brown is working in the Sensory Lab. We recommend that any student looking for experience to add to their resume reach out to faculty members—they are a great resource!

A collage of photos of Scott Lenaghan, Ann Henry and Davean Brown

Faculty and Staff Spotlight

Our faculty and staff are continuously striving to reach new goals and ensure that students have what they need to be successful. Assistant professor Scott Lenaghan has contributed significantly to Food Science research recently, and was featured in the UTRF Inventor Spotlight. Sitting down with Jessica Black, Lenaghan explained more about his research and how he is bringing what some could only imagine as science fiction to the forefront of Food Science research.

Whether you are a new student or a student who graduated twenty years ago, chances are you know Ann Henry and Davean Brown. These ladies have been with the Food Science department for several years and continue to provide a level of service to the department that is unmatched anywhere else. They are always ready to assist (or crack a joke with) any student or faculty member who might need help navigating the UT Knoxville system.

Photo of Karen Jones

Alumni Spotlight

Often we lose contact with our graduates but not the alumna featured in this edition's Alumni Spotlight. Not only did Karen Jones graduate with her master's from the Food Science department, but two of her three children also graduated from the department. We are honored to have her serve as our undergraduate coordinator and lecturer. She is always available to meet with potential students and their families.

Remembering Hugh Jaynes

Photo of the staff Thanksgiving dinner

May we all be privileged enough to inspire students the way that Hugh Jaynes (department head, 1985-1993) was able to do.

"His inspiration and support is what got me through college and to graduation. And now I have had a successful thirty years of food manufacturing experience, all due to him!"—Johanna "Proffitt" Starrett, class of '89.

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