Social media is currently one of the easiest and most effective ways to reach an audience. Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn each cater to a specific demographic, but when used in tandem can broadcast the UTIA brand to a wide range of individuals. For the UTIA brand to achieve the most impact across all social media platforms, it’s important we represent it in a unified and consistent manner. Using the UTIA and unit logos across all platforms is one way to reinforce the UTIA brand.
We are excited to supply avatars, or "profile pictures," featuring the new UTIA branding, for your unit and departmental social media accounts. Please note that the links for Extension materials will redirect you to their online Tool Kit.
For example, here the UTIA Facebook page uses the new UTIA stacked logo in white on an orange background. This avatar is one of many available for download.
Please take a moment to review the UTIA Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices, and register your new or existing social media account(s) here to stay connected with other UTIA communicators.  

If you have another need in your use of social media, please feel free to contact us at 865-974-7141.