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4-H campers on bug hunt.JPG
4-H campers on bug hunt
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angus breeder cows.jpg
angus breeder cows
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title: Beef, It's What's For Dinner.
baby vultures.JPG
baby vultures
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Baling Hay.JPG
Baling Hay
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This is an image of baling orchard grass hay along a field border at the East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center Little River Animal and Environmental Unit.
bees on sunflower.jpg
bees on sunflower
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 taken in the UT Gardens summer 2012.
beets at the market.JPG
beets at the market
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Brad Black with switchgrass.jpg
Brad Black with switchgrass
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Photo from the UT Bioenergy Initiative and switchgrass production.
bugs gone wild.jpg
bugs gone wild
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Husky's last day of radiation therapy!
bumble bee on flower.jpg
bumble bee on flower
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Bumble bee on an Echinacea bloom. Taken last year at Beardsley Farm in Knoxville during an OSCP tomato production workshop.
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calf animal farm cow
Canada geese.jpg
Canada geese
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Canada geese wild in the wild at the Blount County Library.
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Chaenomeles speciosa.jpg
Chaenomeles speciosa
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chef John Antun.jpg
chef John Antun
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The late and beloved chef John Antun giving a cooking demonstration at the UT Farmer's Market in 2010.
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“Specks” the chicken, taken in the UT Veterinary Medical Center’s Avian and Exotics Ward, owned by our Veterinary technician.
clearing field.JPG
clearing field
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Corn Silage.JPG
Corn Silage
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Corn being harvested for silage at the East Tennessee AgResearch and Education Center Little River Animal and Environmental Unit.
corn snake.JPG
corn snake
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Cosmos bipinnatus.jpg
Cosmos bipinnatus
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cotton bolls.JPG
cotton bolls
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crane fly.jpg
crane fly
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Crane fly sipping on rain droplet at OSCP Blueberry Production Workshop in 2012.
cut flowers.JPG
cut flowers
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diagnosing leukemia.JPG
diagnosing leukemia
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A micrograph from the laboratory section chief of Clinical Pathology in the UT Veterinary Medical Center
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doughnuts ready.JPG
doughnuts ready
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Douglas Lake Norris.jpg
Douglas Lake Norris
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Eastern tent caterpillar.jpg
Eastern tent caterpillar
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elk rut.JPG
elk rut
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I captured this picture during a field trip with my Wildlife and Fisheries Management class through a telescope.
Esch Beach.jpg
Esch Beach
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ETREC Holston Unit.jpg
ETREC Holston Unit
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Exhibit Education.JPG
Exhibit Education
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fall leaves.JPG
fall leaves
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flowers at Farmers Market.jpg
flowers at Farmers Market
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Flowers for sale by a vendor at the UT Farmer's Market July 25, 2012.
flowing honey.JPG
flowing honey
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shot of honey flowing from an extractor
flowing honey2.jpg
flowing honey2
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Sun shining through honey as it drains from an extractor.
fly fishing.JPG
fly fishing
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