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Welcome to November!

What is your favorite way to ward of the cool night's chill? A bowl of hearty soup, steaming hot apple cider, a crackling fireplace, or how about a cozy knitted blanket? Agriculture is at the heart of it all.

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From the Battlefield to the Farm
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In honor of Veterans Day, we are learning about one group that many are calling the future of agriculture. That is our veteran farmers. These are individuals who have served America on the battlefield and are continuing to serve on a different type of field. Meet two farmers from East Tennessee who are rolling up their sleeves to feed their community. Listen now.

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November 2018 Events in TN

November 2-3: Riverside Barn Sale
November 2-3 Greystone Farm Fall Barn Sale
November 3: Fall Foliage of Pogue Creek Canyon
Novmeber 10-11: Handmade Holidays
November 23: Let It Glow Lightshow
November 30: Oaklands Christmas Gala

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Agriculture making headlines

Wintering in the garden Headline

Start by choosing the right container, and bigger is better. You want plenty of potting soil between the interior pot wall and your actual plant roots. This provides a layer of insulation for those tender roots when they’re above ground, exposed to the cold ambient air. You also want a pot that has drainage holes to allow water to escape so that your plants don’t become waterlogged. Learn more about how to overwinter your outdoor plants »

Professor honored Headline

In recognition of his global reputation for quantitative analysis, intelligent manufacturing, and statistical process control in the forest industries, Timothy M. Young of Knoxville has been awarded one of highest honors bestowed by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Forester appointed Headline

Agriculture Commissioner Jai Templeton is announcing the appointment of Heather Slayton as assistant state forester for the Tennessee Department of Agriculture (TDA) Division of Forestry.

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