Chancellor Larry Arrington

The Institute of Agriculture places a high value on being responsive to the needs of our clientele. The land-grant mission of research, teaching and outreach that changes lives is what this place is about. Over the past year we have been doing a lot of listening and evaluating. From these listening sessions, we have developed “Four Pillars” to help guide our future efforts, particularly related to our institutional advancement efforts. These four foundational pillars drive us to be a more effective organization. Permit me to briefly describe each pillar. I hope you will join me in sharing how each pillar can make a difference in our programs.

  • Advancing Academic Excellence We want to provide the very best experience for our students, and we want to recruit the very best students and faculty. In order to do that, we need to increase our capacity with scholarships and student learning opportunities, create more endowments for faculty recruitment and retention, and form partnerships to advance new areas of demands.
  • Delivering Discoveries We have to find a way to move the innovations created within the institute into the marketplace. It’s a common business startup issue. Our faculty members are great scientists, and we are making significant advancements through research. We need opportunities to get these important initiatives into the marketplace.
  • Promoting Hands-on Learning Industry continues to tell us that students need applicable, hands-on experience, both in the U.S. and internationally. We have the perfect venue to do this beginning with our 4-H program. We need to get more people in the pipeline with these out-of-the classroom experiences.
  • Serving Our Communities You can slice the community pie in several ways. I tend to think by county — supporting local 4-H or agriculture programs. There’s also regional AgResearch centers or by area of interest, like the National Bobwhite Conservation Initiative. No matter how you slice it, UTIA is a part of our communities.

Over the next year we will attempt to share examples of UTIA successes around the four pillars.

Go Vols,