Food Science & Technology Dept. Works with Sweetwater Valley Farm to Create Product​

All Vol Cheese

The University of Tennessee College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is introducing a product line called “All Vol Cheese” that is available for purchase online at All Vol Cheese​
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Knoxville, Tenn. – Some future food scientists are saying “cheese” these days, and it has nothing to do with having their photo taken.

The Food Science and Technology (FST) Department at UT Knoxville and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources is introducing a product line called “All Vol Cheese” that will soon be available for purchase. Four flavors are offered -- Checkerboard Mild Cheddar, Game Day Sharp Cheddar, Smokey’s Smoked Gouda and Torchbearer Jalapeno.

“All Vol Cheese” will debut at Ag Day on the UT Institute of Agriculture campus Saturday, Oct. 3, 2015 at 3 p.m. – four hours prior to the kickoff of the Tennessee-Arkansas football game. The cheese is available for purchase through the Department of Food Science and Technology, and during fundraisers by UT student clubs. You can also purchase online at

A gift box will be introduced in November for holiday sales. The cheese is packaged in 10-ounce bars, and gift boxes will accommodate between two and four bars of cheese. All proceeds benefit student programs at the UT Institute of Agriculture.

TIA is partnering with Sweetwater Valley Farm in developing “All Vol Cheese.” The product is made at the company’s site in Loudon County, where a number of FST students held internships this past year.

“Sweetwater Valley Farm has been a trusted partner for several years,” says Dr. Mark Morgan, head of UT’s Food Science and Technology department. “They helped our students learn about cheese-making from start to finish, all the way from raising the cows, to turning milk into cheese, and how it is packaged and sold to the market. Throughout the process, the students also learn about manufacturing and regulatory issues – preparing them for future employment in the industry.”

“Our cheese line is a joint effort between FST and a new public-private entrepreneurial program we’ve established called “Aginnovations,” says Dr. William Brown, Dean of UT AgResearch. “Our goal is to help faculty, researchers and students turn their ideas into new businesses, whether internal or external to the university.”

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All Vol Cheese​