​Gary Sayler Recognized by the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Picture of Gary Sayler
Gary​ Sayler, adjunct professor in the UT Department of Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science, has been honored with the 2018 Distinguished Scientist Award "Einstein Professor" Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences International Fellowship Program Initiative. Image courtesy UT Knoxville.  

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. -Gary Sayler, distinguished university Professor Emeritus in Microbiology and adjunct professor in Biosystems Engineering and Soil Science has received the 2018 Distinguished Scientist "Einstein Professor" Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences International Fellowship Program Initiative. 

The award was presented by Professor Guiban Jiang of the CAS following Sayler's Plenary Lecture at the 1st International High-Level Symposium on Toxicology and Health of Air Pollution, in Beijing on October 21, 2018. Sayler presented a forward-looking lecture on climate change relationships to the mobilization, transport and distribution of microorganisms and air toxins. Follow-on lectures were also presented at the CAS Institute for Applied Ecology, Shenyang, and the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Studies, Beijing, as well as the China National Medical University, Shenyang, Jilin University and Northeast University, Changchun, where Sayler spoke on system science in bioremediation and the Lux bioluminescence sensor in environmental toxicology and health. 

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