What Is the Award Incentive Program?

The Plant Sciences faculty and donors established a Plant Sciences departmental account that allows the department to reward the exceptional efforts of PS graduate students who win monetary prizes for oral and poster presentations at regional, national and international professional meetings. The Award Incentive Program will match up to $300, monetary prizes awarded to PS graduate students.


Why It Was Established

  • This program is inteded to promote professional association membership and encourage student participation in oral and poster competitions at regional, national, and international professional meetings.
  • As peers, the plant sciences faculty would like to acknowledge the exceptional accomplishments of our graduate students.
  • We expect this program to help showcase the successes of the plant sciences department.


Current Limitations

This program has limited resources from which matching award funds are drawn. The program must be limited to the following:
  • Only plant science MS and PhD students whose major (advising) professor is from plant sciences are eligible for matching funds.
  • The plant sciences department account will match individual awards up to $300 per year per student project.
  • In the case of team projects, award match applies only to the presenter.
  • Matching funds do not apply to department, institute or university awards
  • Awards for state-based professional associations are not eligible to receive matching funds.


How the Award Works

  • Plant science graduate students must win a xash award for and oral or display presentation given at regional, national and international professional meetings.
  • Students who win awards should work with their major professor and the plant sciences graduate coordinator to initiate the "match" process with the help of plant science department accountants
  • Miscellaneous income sources (per individual) are legally limited to $300 per year.
  • The award must be taxed as income
  • If the recipient is an active UT employee (student worker or on-assistantship)she/he must be paid via the UT payroll system using and additional service pay form. Taxes are applied as the award is regular income.
  • If the recipient is not a UT employee, he/she must submit a T-27 from through the plant sciences accounting office.
  • Awards are limited to three per student on separate projects undertaken during each graduate plant science degree program.