historyphoto4.JPGUT Gardens-Crossville, affectionately referred to as the Plateau Discovery Gardens, is located within the University of Tennessee Plateau AgResearch and Education Center on 70N.

This parcel of land beside the main building has grown to become a demonstration garden designed for visitors and residents of the Plateau, and more specifically, Cumberland County. It is a collaborative effort between UT Plateau AgResearch and Education Center, UT Extension-Cumberland County, and the Cumberland County Master Gardener Association.

UT Gardens-Crossville...

A Partnership Created Over Time

While each partner overshistoryphoto6.JPGeeing the development of the UT Gardens-Crossville serves its own role, all three function under the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture. To better understand the significance of this demonstration garden, it is important to understand the historical relationship of the three entities involved.

In response to the Industrial Revolution, The Morrill Act of 1862 established “land grant” institutions throughout the United States to teach practical agricultural, science, military science, and engineering. Most of these land grant institutions have become large public universities that today offer a full spectrum of educational opportunities, as is available within the University of Tennessee.