Who we are

The SASEF Board consists of members from the community who are passionate about the science fair. This includes business people, teachers, professors, and researchers. If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact us.

Current Board Members

Officers and Directors
Gary M. Lessman* (Director) – University of Tennessee, retired
Kimberly Gwinn* (Co-Director) - University of Tennessee
Jan Coley  (President) - Uretired, Jefferson County Schools
Tim Prather* (Past-President) - University of Tennessee
Joanne Logan* (Treasurer) – University of Tennessee
Bonnie Ownley (Secretary) – University of Tennessee

Leah Berry, Strata-G
James D. Caponetti – University of Tennessee and Tennessee Valley Pharmacists Association
Arlene Garrison* – Oak Ridge Associated Universities
Martin Grossbeck - University of Tennessee
Ralph C. Harvey – retired, University of Tennessee
Al Hazari* - retired, Unviersity of Tennessee
Rayford P. Hosker, Jr. – NOAA (retired), Hosker Science Services
Robert Joseph - Oak Ridge National Lab
Ann Kronk - Pellissippi State Community College
Bruce Tompkins - Oak Ridge National Lab and American Chemical Society

* past presidents