Funding Opportunity for Teachers ‚ due September 30, 2013


Teachers, especially at the middle school, are the main reason that students decide to do a science fair project. Many teachers require some type of science project for science

class. Possible projects include a working model or diagram of a scientific principle, duplication or demonstration of someone else's work, or a novel research project. Only the last two, the research project and demonstration or duplication of someone else's work, would be categorized as appropriate for science fair participation at the regional level.
Participation in a science fair should be a learning experience. A school science fair offers a student the opportunity to work on a research project, to devise and test a hypothesis, and to explain her/his project before a select group of professionals.
Early in the school year some attention should be given to helping the students get started on their research projects. Some class time should be directed at helping students begin activities such as selecting a topic, developing a research plan, and locating materials and resources.
Time allocation for working on projects in class should be determined by the teacher in order to encourage student participation, answer questions, and assist students through the early phases of the project. School and public libraries, universities, institutions, and professional organizations are possible resources.
Provide students with a timeline for completion of tasks (i.e., research plan, topic, materials needed, data collection., etc.). This timeline should reflect course requirements as well as regional fair deadlines.
All students must submit a detailed research plan for teacher approval prior to any experimentation. It is strongly recommended that each school conduct a science fair and formally recognize and award exceptional participants at the local level. The regional fair should be only for those students who have demonstrated excellence at the local school fair.

Send a letter to parents giving school science fair as well as regional science fair information. Details of obligations to be met by students should be included in this letter. Emphasize the numerous opportunities for students to receive recognition and awards at the regional fair. Communicate to students that completion of a regional science fair registration form represents a commitment to participate in all regional science fair activities.