microscopes.jpgThe categories for the SASEF are: Animal Sciences (AS), Behavioral and Social Sciences (BE), Biochemistry (BI), Cellular and Molecular Biology (CB), Chemistry (CH), Computer Science (CS), Earth and Planetary Science (EA), Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical (EE), Engineering: Materials and Bioengineering (EN), Energy and Transportation (ET), Environmental Management (EM), Environmental Sciences (EV), Mathematical Sciences (MA), Medicine and Health Sciences (ME), Microbiology (MI), Physics and Astronomy (PH), and Plant Sciences (PS).

We follow the general guidelines of the ISEF for project categories and descriptions, although our categories are not exactly the same as those for ISEF 2015. ISEF Categories and Sub Categories can be found at: http://www.societyforscience.org/isef/project_categories
We ask that the student choose a category on the SASEF entry form. However, if we determine that the category selected is not the best choice, we will contact the student or the teacher about a possible change of category.