Rules for scientific experimentation are necessary to protect both the student researcher and their human or animal subjects. To satisfy the requirements of an affiliated fair, SASEF must abide by the rules and guidelines of the International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), sponsored by the Society for Science and the Public. The rules, including a Rules Wizard, are found at ttp://
In general, we highly recommend that middle school students do not conduct experiments with either human or vertebrate subjects, and that there be few if any hazardous substances involved. This helps to avoid additional paperwork to enter the SASEF. Middle Schools are not expected to have an Internal Scientific Review Board or Scientific Review Committee. The SASEF has a board that can be used for approvals of middle school projects, if required.
High Schools that participate in the SASEF are required to have a Internal Scientific Review Board or Scientific Review Committee (contact us if you need help setting one up). This is a standard committee that every high school should have. Projects must have all approved paperwork submitted at the time of entry.