Could you use a little extra money to help your science or engineering program grow?

 Science teacher with student

The Trusts Division of the Southern Appalachian Science and Engineering Fair (SASEF) has a program to encourage innovative science and engineering instructional programs and materials for science teachers in the area served by the SASEF. Teachers who have already demonstrated interest and involvement in the SASEF by having one or more students participate in the SASEF in recent years are eligible. Awards of up to $ 500 are made. Winners will be notified in writing soon after the submission deadline, and a check issued to the teacher's school.

Proposals should address all items on the Trust Fund Application form. In general, successful proposals have been for purchases of science and engineering equipment or materials or for teacher and student participation in competitions, symposia or teacher attendance at specific meetings for professional development. Examples of funded proposals in the past include a small laboratory incubator, equipment needed for the science and mathematics laboratory; an Ohaus school balance; beakers and other plastic or glass labware; models for tectonic plates, mitosis manipulation, and biomes and ecosystems bingo; an electronic balance; and a sterilizer (cost exceeded $500 but the excess cost was made up with matching funds from the students).

Please use the online form below to complete and submit your porposal. Support letters from principals should be e-mailed to Proposals are due by September 30. Grant Application Form