Image of Login Screen

Do you know that UT has a system-wide policy which requires users, in part, to protect their passwords and user accounts? UT Policy IT0110 – Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources (AUP) states that users will not:
  • Share access codes or passwords;
  • Use accounts, access codes, privileges, or IT resources for which they are not authorized

In addition, the AUP states that users will:
  • Only use University resources for which that user has authorization;
  • Properly log out of sessions;
  • Monitor access to their accounts;
  • Abide by the password protection best practices specified for each University resource; and
  • Use only the passwords and privileges associated with their computer account(s) and those account(s) only for their authorized purpose.

Please remember that your account and password are meant only for your use. Everything you do that uses your credentials is tied back to just you. So, if someone else is using your password and they decided to access, alter, or delete information while signed in as you, *you* are the one who will be held responsible.

Always keep these general rules in mind:
  • Do not share your password(s) with anyone.
  • Do not ask anyone for his/her account and password.
  • If multiple people need to use your computer, each person must have their own login.
  • If you absolutely need someone to have rights to your calendar and/or email, assign that person as a delegate and do NOT give them your account information (that’s like keys to your kingdom!).
  • If you absolutely need a shared account (i.e., a lab computer), ask for a departmental NetID.

If you have shared your password with others, please change the password and once and do not share again. If you need help assigning someone as an Outlook delegate or are in need of a departmental NetID, please call the OIT HelpDesk at 974-9900.