Do you know that one of the biggest causes of a compromised computer is a lack of updates? We tend to think about phishing or clicking on possible bad links, but we forget one of the essentials of computer security.

The Windows operating system (OS) updates are the most often thought of updates. But Microsoft updates can get those for the OS, plus the ones for Microsoft products installed on your computer, such as Office. While some of our Microsoft updates are set to run via Active Directory Group Policy, other Microsoft updates are downloaded and installed by the user. Just go to Settings, Update & Security, then Windows Update to check for available updates. Go to Advanced options to be certain you are getting updates for other Microsoft products.

In addition to your Microsoft Updates, you need to make sure all your other applications are also getting updated. This is very important because NOT updating can leave your computer vulnerable to attacks (i.e., phishing, hackers, etc.). Every major browser has an automatic updating feature to ensure you are protected by the latest security updates. Third-party applications can up a bit trickier, but some apps, like Adobe Creative Cloud, will let you know when there are updates to be run. Just be vigilant in getting all the applications updated regularly.

Please make sure these updates are always run to better ensure the security of your computer, thus protecting the Institute and its data. If you ever question the validity of a pop-up telling you that there are updates to be installed, please call the HelpDesk at (865)974-9600.

Thank you!